Ice Diet: popsicles and cold dishes to lose 3 kg in 7 days

Ice Diet: popsicles and cold dishes to lose 3 kg in 7 days

Designed by gastroenterologist Brian Weiner, it allows you to lose weight by eating popsicles, sorbets, granitas

Prof. Pietro Antonio Migliaccio's ice cream diet

The Ice Diet is a method that allows you to lose about 3 kg in 7 days by acting on the increase in basal metabolism.

Appreciated by international VIPs of the caliber of Renée Zellweger and designed by Dr. Brian Weiner, a doctor specializing in gastroenterology, this diet is based on a very simple principle, namely the ability of cold / frozen foods to encourage the consumption of calories by the 'body.

According to studies by Weiner, when ice is ingested, the body consumes energy as it raises its temperature in order to cause the dissolution of what has just been introduced.

Thanks to this mechanism, he said it would be enough to have a liter of ice water to burn 160 calories. Author of the e-book The Ice Diet and owner of a site in which he recounts his slimming experience (- 22 kg in a very short time), Weiner suggests to consume crushed ice every day.

According to the guidelines of the Ice Diet, it should be taken both immediately after meals, and during the day as a breathtaking elixir. To make it more pleasant from the point of view of flavor, it is advisable to flavor it with some mint leaves or with your favorite fruit juice.

To be included in a low-calorie diet and to be associated with adequate daily physical activity – minimum half an hour of brisk walking every day – the Ice Diet should be followed without ever exceeding one liter of ice per day.

In this case the risk is that of going into hypothermia, a situation in which the body's temperature is lowered excessively and which can cause functional damage to the internal organs.

Subject of some criticisms related to the possible problems that ice can cause to tooth enamel and to possible fillings, the Ice Diet highlights some interesting ideas for health.

Replacing classic snack foods with sorbets, ice lollies and granitas is in fact useful not only from the point of view of calories disposal – the effect described by Weiner is true even if it is not just about ice – but also to reduce fat intake unhealthy, such as hydrogenated ones.

Before starting this regime, it is obviously essential to consult your doctor.

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