Icon bags: when a love is forever

Icon bags: when a love is forever

They are style classics, fashionable today, like yesterday, like in a thousand years: here are the iconic bags

There is little to do, let's face it: we women have a real passion for accessories. For shoes and bags we could go crazy! But what are the models of bags for which it is really worth making an investment? Here are 5 that will never go out of style.

The iconic bags: the Hermès Birkin

A classic, my very personal object of desire, which I could also buy in installments (a car devalues: a Birkin no!), A marvel to wear on the elbow. The Hermès Birkin was born from the chance meeting of Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, then patron of Hermès. Jane was traveling with her little daughter Lou and expressed her need for a comfortable but beautiful and roomy bag (listening mothers, don't you agree?). Thus was born the iconic bag par excellence.

Source Getty Images

The iconic bags: the Lady Dior

Made of leather with the iconic Cannage motif, the Lady Dior becomes a cult bag when Lady Diana wears it, hence the name, for an exhibition dedicated to Cezanne in 1995. Since then, this square cut bag with rigid handles has become one of the best known IT bags.

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The iconic bags: the Gucci Jackie O

It is named after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who made it her favorite accessory. Just this winter, the Gucci house also relaunched it in the monogram leather version: a classic in the history of fashion.

Source Getty Images Gucci

The iconic bags: the Fendi Baguette

It takes its name from the loaf of French bread that is carried under the arm at home, just like this bag. It has become such a cult garment that since 1997, the year in which it was born, it has been made in a thousand variations: in fabric, in color, with attached charms … there is something for everyone. What never changes is its small but roomy shape, suitable for everyday life.

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The iconic bags: the Chanel 2.55

The name comes from the moment it was created, in February 1955. Mademoiselle Chanel wanted a comfortable bag, which would allow women to have their hands free: voilà this bag made of quilted leather (and then reinterpreted in many variations), from carry over the shoulder. A curiosity: the chain shoulder strap is inspired by the key ring that the nuns carried to the orphanage where Gabrielle Chanel grew up.

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