Ideas for handmade Christmas gifts

Ideas for handmade Christmas gifts

Handmade Christmas gifts are a great idea: here are the most original and creative ideas

Exchanging gifts in front of the fir tree lights or in front of a set table is one of the symbols of Christmas. Thinking of someone in such a magical moment of the year warms hearts and makes you feel how important we are for the people we love and who love us. In addition to the classic items or garments that can be purchased in stores or online, there are also many ideas for DIY gifts that combine creativity and savings, ideal for those who have to design gifts for a large group of friends, for colleagues, for the neighborhood, for teammates or an association.

A little thought is enough to express your wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a new year full of satisfactions. Those who have a little free time can take advantage of it to prepare their own gifts, using the art of creative recycling or launching themselves on ideas that are always useful and welcome, such as homemade soap, candles or DIY cosmetics. But how do you create a DIY gift? And what can be created, remaining on simple ideas? Here is a small guide of ideas and inspiration for thoughts that will make loved ones happy.


  • DIY Christmas gift ideas
  • DIY gifts for the home
  • DIY gifts: clothes, jewelry, accessories
  • Homemade food Christmas gifts
  • DIY Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas gift ideas

The possibilities opened up by the world of do-it-yourself are practically infinite and allow you not only to pack your own gifts, but also to personalize them, for example with your initials or with a special message.

DIY gifts for the home

The most popular DIYs are Christmas-themed home decorations. Empty glass jars can become small chests, battery operated fairy lights, candles. They can also be covered with glitter (just a brush, a jar of glue and glitter to apply: after the time required for drying they will have completely changed their face!). The jars can also become small vases, to be filled with earth and white pebbles.

You can also create a wreath to give to a relative, friend or soul mate, which can be made with many types of materials: apples, holly and cinnamon sticks; candies, such as marshmallows or gummy bears, colored Christmas tree balls; candy canes and greenery; thin branches, oranges and tangerines, ivy. You can also throw yourself on do-it-yourself candles, natural and scented, a thought that is always welcome and usable anywhere, even in small apartments.

Perhaps for the occasion you can present them in a more Christmas guise, with bows and ribbons to garnish them, or in a box decorated with Christmas paper. Or you can create them inside vintage tea or coffee cups, beautiful and antique services for which we have no space at home and which can become curious scented candles.

The same goes for soap, which among the DIY Christmas gifts represents a "passepartout" idea that is good for everyone, especially if you stick to the more classic and delicate fragrances. Even homemade soaps can be wrapped in tins, small chests, special papers framed by hollies, pine needles, berries, candy canes. The recipient will thus appreciate not only the "do-it-yourself gift" but also the care and attention in designing and packaging it.

Among the easy DIY Christmas gift ideas, for those who are not very good at DIY and manual skills, the balls to hang on the branches of your tree are always a nice idea, also because they remain over time, last, and every Christmas it will be an opportunity to think about the person who gave it away. You can buy any ball, in glass, plastic or wood, and write a message or a small dedication with a permanent marker, with an engraving (if you are practical) or even with a glitter, gold or gold marker. silver. Even a simple "Merry Christmas" with the recipient's name is always a welcome thought, like an "I love you". You can also try your hand at pasting a photo or having it printed.

DIY gifts: clothes, jewelry, accessories

Ideas never end, even in the world of clothing, knitwear, accessories and small homemade jewels. Among the handmade Christmas gifts we cannot fail to mention all the jobs that can be created by knitting, thoughts that warm the skin and the heart, sheltering friends or family from a cold winter.

Christmas gifts to knit

Our grandmothers knitted to pass the time, almost automatically. Those who have never tried can try their hand, the tutorials are many and you can pack many items, such as:

  • gloves or mittens;
  • scarves;
  • hats and caps;
  • sweaters;
  • cardigan;
  • hair bands;
  • bags;
  • accessories such as wallets or key rings.

Christmas gifts: DIY hair accessories

The world of accessories is waiting to be discovered and the inspirations are simple but impactful. For example, with a ribbon tied in a bow with a small stone or pearl fixed with a hot glue gun you can create cute hair clips, very fashionable. You can buy the fabric in haberdashery: chiffon, taffeta, cotton, lace, with particular motifs such as pied-de-poule or tartan, to be glued on a clothespin that can be attached to a tail, a braid or on the back of the neck.

Similarly, you can buy a rounded headband and cover it with a Christmas-themed fabric, or glitter, or tartan, with Vichy checks, depending on the tastes of your friend. You can apply rhinestones, stones or pearls and even embroider the initials of a sister or a friend, to personalize the cadux. Even the scrunchies, great protagonists of the 90s hairstyles, can be created with DIY: you just need the fabric chosen to cover an elastic, sewing by hand or with the sewing machine. Perfect accessories to tie a ponytail but also to keep tied on the wrist.

Christmas gifts: bijoux and DIY jewelry

Speaking of wrists, an evergreen DIY gift that never goes out of fashion is the classic Christmas bracelet (or even a generic one), to be created with beads or stones (you can choose the ones you prefer in the shops, there they are in almost every country and city, or in the numerous e-shops that also give a series of suggestions to build their own jewels) and even letters, to personalize a sentimental, family or friendship bond.

The bracelet can be connoted on the Christmas theme, using colors and symbols of the moment (snowmen, hollies, berries, Santa Claus, gifts). The same goes for earrings: with nuns, stones or pendants and the special tool to compose them, it will take little to create personalized jewels for mothers, sisters, friends. The Christmas theme is particularly popular also for these bijoux.

And for those who love bijoux, you can decorate a biscuit box, surround it with a ribbon, or create jewelry boxes with cardboard. You can also opt for a wooden box and line it with colored or patterned paper (such as wallpaper) or insert small nails on a frame, paint it the same color between the inside and the outline and use it as an original jewelry box to hang. Those with a passion for decoupage can also "go further" and create furnishing accessories to give as a gift after their artistic contribution.

Homemade food Christmas gifts

In addition to handmade Christmas gifts, we cannot forget even the sweetest and most delicious ones, small gifts that are always pleasant and brighten up the holidays. The most classic example? Cookies. With cinnamon, with almonds, with colored icing, and thanks to molds in the shape of rocking horses, small trees, gingerbread men and possibly gluten or lactose free. A sprinkling of powdered sugar can also be added to represent snow.

Christmas cookies are a great classic and perhaps the most beautiful and stimulating thing about giving them is to customize the package. They can be placed in food bags to close with a bow, Christmas ribbon, a few pine needles, small pine cones or holly. You can offer them in tin boxes where a special greeting or message has been slipped inside, designed specifically for the recipient (a Christmas dedication or a quote from a famous phrase about the holidays).

Cookies are always a pleasure and, in any case, it is always better to prepare dozens of them and close them in bags ready for delivery than to come to an occasion empty-handed. Instead of cookies, you can also create bags of loose candies, white or pink marshmallows or the classic gummy, always with a personalized message of good wishes. Alternatively, you can prepare muffins, cupcakes indulging in the Christmas-themed pastry bag or, for the more experienced, green and red macarons or with drawings of Santa Claus, arabesques, reindeer or snowmen. Or even the classic gingerbread, gingerbread men, with the glaze of different colors to create clothes and eyes.

DIY Christmas Cards

Not only the gift counts, but also and above all the thought. For this reason, in addition to gifts of different types and kinds, you can also throw yourself on DIY Christmas cards. The recipient will appreciate the present even more if accompanied by a special dedication, conceived and designed especially for him. But how are Christmas cards created? Also in this case, there are no limits and limits to the imagination.

Scissors, glue, cardboard, markers, tempera, even glitter, glossy paper stars, buttons, adhesive stars. You can start from the classic cardboard, perhaps of light paper, to personalize it with a fan shape of a Christmas tree, made with another green cardboard cut out and "pleated" in a fan shape and then glued to the center of the cardboard, perhaps together a sprinkle of glitter and an adhesive star. Or you can recreate the classic garland with watercolors or even glued green buttons, garnishing it with a red fabric bow, open the book card and write your wishes.

Those who have the passion and a minimum of skill with origami can also cut and fold the paper to create a particular card in the shape of a tree, or even test their artistic skills and draw Santa Claus, a sleigh, on paper or cardboard a snowman, an angel or whatever you want. Also with a card, you can also create a card in the shape of a Christmas ball, using glue and glitter to "light up" it and gluing (or sewing or tweezing) a red or golden bow at the top.

Those who want to "overdo" and accompany a special gift with another gift, can use the bag of homemade biscuits as a ticket (and not as a "simple gift"), writing their message on the outside of the package, directly on the paper that contains the treats. The same goes for a bag of sweets, a sweet kit for a gift, which is improvised as a "paper" to impress one's wishes.

The inspirations and ideas for a "handmade" gift for your best friend, parents or boyfriend are truly varied. Everyone can fish in the area they love the most or are more congenial: there are those who would cook cookies indefinitely and those who are more at ease with knitting, creative recycling for home decor or the packaging of bows and hair ribbons to give to glam friends. The important thing is to think about the recipient and have the real pleasure of making him happy: it is precisely this aspect that gives homemade gifts a special value.

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