Ideas for small female tattoos on the ankle

Ideas for small female tattoos on the ankle

The ankle is a very sensual area, where you can tattoo small flowers or symbols with a deep meaning

Among the different parts of a woman's body, the ankle is certainly among the most sensual and seductive. And there are many women who choose to do an ankle tattoo to highlight this particular point in their body. Tattoos inevitably attract attention, so you shouldn't be surprised if someone else's gaze always falls on the ends.

The tattoo on the ankle can be of various shapes and sizes and the decision to make a design just stylized or larger and more important varies according to personal tastes. Do not overlook an important detail: the tattoos on the feet and ankles will be very evident especially in summer, when they can be enhanced by sandals and shoes that leave the foot uncovered. Also, before you get tattooed, you have to take into account that the foot and ankle are full of nerve endings, so the incision can be more painful than at other points (but, as with all things, it is a very experience subjective). If you are going to do one or more ankle tattoos, here are some ideas to copy.

Small ankle tattoos: some ideas

Being a delicate and subtle point, female ankle tattoos are mostly very small. If you want to decorate this part of the body so important the proposals are numerous. You can even think about having simple initials, a loved one, or someone we carry in our hearts, and we want them to always stay with us. Those who want to decorate both ankles can also opt for two different letters.

Do you have a pet and want to imprint it with an ankle tattoo? Little kittens, silhouettes of little dogs or little birds will seal the love for your little friend. Make the tattoo of one or more paws, of the size you prefer, also for you. Are you tied to your city or is there a city you feel you belong to? Why not draw the skyline on the ankle? Or, if you like more elaborate tattoos, why not choose a tattoo that represents one of the symbols of the city of the heart: a small Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, Vesuvius, the Leaning Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge or any other monument or place.

Do you love fictional characters and want to take them with you with an ankle tattoo? Go ahead then to unicorns, fairies, elves, gnomes and any other element that recalls fantastic worlds. Very beautiful among the tattoos on the foot and ankle is also a drawing depicting the phoenix, a symbol of rebirth, both freshly styled and well defined.

Idea for an ankle tattoo with flowers – Source: 123rf

Among the most common tattoos, there are those depicting flowers. Whether it's a lotus flower from the Japanese tradition or a rose, tattooing a flower means embellishing your body in a very feminine way. A small daisy, a tulip, a sunflower, a poppy, many small roses or dandelion flowers, in black and white or colored, among the small ankle tattoos with flowers there is really the embarrassment of the choice.

There is no lack of ideas on tattoos with various symbols, such as a crown, a feather, an arrow, a small anchor, a star, a heart, a butterfly, the symbol of infinity. Each can choose the ankle tattoo that best represents it. If you are a musician or are simply music lovers, why not decide to tattoo yourself a score, some musical notes or a treble clef? And why not your tool? A guitar, a violin, a sax, a piano, drumsticks: there is no limit to creativity even in this area.

Do any of these ideas satisfy you? You can always opt for your zodiac sign or the constellation that represents it. The writing deserves a separate chapter, among the most common choices regarding the tattoo, but no less beautiful or elegant. A single word, in any language, or a sentence, perhaps to be broken up on both ankles: there are many possibilities to engrave writing on the skin, to each one the most suitable one.

Anklet tattoo – Source: 123rf

Then there are the tattoo anklets, halfway between a tattoo and a jewel. Most spiritual people can opt for a rosary or a mandala. Even a tribal or a Maori tattoo are ideally suited to be represented in this part of the body and, among the female tattoos on the ankle are among the most sensual. If all these ideas are not enough, you just have to rely on the imagination of your tattoo artist, who will be able to make the perfect ankle tattoo for you.

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