Ideas for special and colored summer nails

Ideas for special and colored summer nails

Summer has arrived and it's time to choose the most trendy colors to have well-kept summer nails

Summer is coming and there is no better time to experiment with particular summer nails of different colors: here are the best and most fashionable. The heat is coming, arms in view and hands … Take care! Fancy trendy summer nails? In this summer 2020 there are several trendy colors and many have to do with soft, light, natural shades. Green light to fantasy, nuance and floral applications. But there are evergreens that never go out of style. Here are the best colors for summer 2020!

Summer nails and colors: which ones to choose

If you want summer nails among the colors of this summer 2020 there is nude nail polish: it is a nail polish that is not transparent but has a color that recalls the shade of the skin, therefore it includes shades ranging from beige, to caramel, to pink, sand, peach and mocha glaze. Summer nails with nude effect seem longer and make the hands more tapered. In addition, they adapt to any outfit, are not demanding from this point of view and can serve as a basis for subsequent nail art or applications.

Always in the wake of natural and light but impactful summer nails, there are those with shades. What on Instagram are called #babyboomersnails depict bare nails in a natural color, which is chosen based on the color of your complexion, on which white and other shades of the background color are faded. The result is chic, natural, undemanding and truly impactful. A variant is the two-tone gradient style: try the sunset gradient nail, in the pink and orange of the sunset.

Bare nails for the summer

Summer gel nails

Summer gel nails allow you to have well-groomed hands for several weeks, if done by a professional. Once applied, in fact, just a filing to remove the gel from the nails or just a simple touch-up to cover the regrowth. It is a very useful application also to change the length and shape of the nail, so if you have short nails with the gel you can regrow them and in the meantime show off long and well-groomed nails.

If done close to the start, the gel nails will last for the whole holiday. On the way back, just refill. Even the semi-permanent is a valid ally to have nails cured for several days. A trendy color for summer 2020? The coral! Otherwise try the blue or green water that recalls the sea.

In general, for nails with summer gels, since they can last up to 30 days, it is advisable to apply pastel tones that are better suited to clothing than more demanding colors such as blue, brown or black. These include creamy shades of blue or even peach and sand tones. If you are looking for stronger variants, focus on orange and yellow, more lively and also suitable for short nails, but always remember that the effect will last for several weeks!

Are you looking for an evergreen fantasy to use in summer? This year the floral is very fashionable, it adapts to summer clothes and you can choose from different pastel colors, transparent bases and nude glazes. Finally, you can apply a nail art with small flowers created with the dotter. You can choose between delicate and romantic cherry blossoms, nails with peach blossoms or nails with dried or pressed flowers in a Provencal style.

Summer gel nails

Special summer nails

Does the usual nude tell you nothing or do you find blue too binding? Then you have to try particular and original colors and textures for summer nails together with applications and decorations. In this case it is not said that you have to exaggerate with the colors: for example, you could try the nails with a dot, which provide for the application of a dot over gel, semi-permanent or simple polish of a neutral or light color to emphasize the darker dot .

If you really can't decide between two or three summer nail colors then use them all! A great trend on Instagram is that of "skittles manicure", which plans to use a different color for nails or variations in up to two colors. For the summer you could try orange and peach that on a tan highlight the hands and skin. If, on the other hand, you have lighter skin, you can try colors such as blues, pinks or shades of gray.

Are you a lover of red? Don't worry: among the nail colors for the summer this never goes out of style! With a creamy finish and on short, medium or stiletto nails, red gives a chic and glamorous touch. You can try it applied in French or shaded on a more neutral basis.

Colored nails for the summer

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