If at 40 you love blue eye make-up, you have to copy Chiara’s!

Trucco occhi azzurro chiara ferragni

Chiara Ferragni’s blue eye make-up is proof that even around the age of 40 you can wear make-up with pastel colors and still be beautiful!

Of all the influencers who populate the Italian social networks, Chiara Ferragni has shown more than anyone else that there is no age to wear pastel colors and fluo colors.

Chiara Ferragni blue eye make-up


Very passionate about this kind of colors, in fact, Chiara wears them very often, both in clothing and in make-up, as in this case.

It is generally thought that pastel colors are perfect only on very young women and that only the teenagers they can feel comfortable wearing fluorescent colors, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

Chiara Ferragni shows us, as in this case, that baby blue is a wonderful color for make-up, even if we are well over 30 years old and we feel too mature for this kind of makeup.

All the secrets for a perfect blue eye make-up even at 40, like that of Chiara Ferragni

Who is very clear blue good for? this is a very important question to ask yourself before making an eye make-up focused exclusively on this color.

light blue eye makeup


Baby blue definitely looks good on women with very fair skin and cold or neutral undertones.

The neutral – cold undertone, in fact, assures us one rosy skin that stands out very much with pastel and cold colors, then light blue and green but also dusty pink and lilac.

According to an old belief though light blue looks good only on blue eyes, but ii is about a myth that needs to be dispelled. This color brings out the blue irises (but also the green ones) but it is also highlighted by the light or dark brown eyes.

The important is understand how to apply it so that it brings out the shape and expressiveness of the eye.

Chiara Ferragni blue eye makeup


As you can see from the photos she posted on Instagram, Chiara Ferragni chose a eye makeup made with matte powders applied evenly over the entire mobile eyelid.

To make sure you create a lasting makeup And minimize eyelid irregularities it will be essential to create a good eye make-up base using the primer. In this way you will also avoid that the make-up “dust” on the cheeks, staining the face base.

The danger when opting for this type of application is to create one shape too clear, almost similar to that of a cartoon. To avoid this problem it will be necessary very carefully blend the top edge of the color, that is, the one that follows the line of the crease of the eyelid, so that it blends with the color of the skin.

For give depth to the look, avoiding to create a two-dimensional look, you will have to take two different precautions. The first will consist of the draw a thin line of black eyeliner with a small tail.

Easy to make even for beginners (here are all the secrets to make a perfect winged eyeliner in a few simple steps), this trick allows you to emphasize the lash line making the eye more charming and expressive.

For the same purpose it will be fundamental apply a good amount of mascara, which will make your lashes stand out against the light background of your eye makeup.

In the end, the creation of a light point in the inner corner of the eye it will give a greater three-dimensionality to the make-up. The important thing will be to apply matte white eyeshadow or alternatively not very illuminating.

In fact, we must remember that, exaggerating with the light color, light will be “stolen” from the sclera (ie the white part of the eye) which will therefore appear dull and not very lively.

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