If there is too much contrast between the face and neck, apply the foundation like this: magic!

If there is too much contrast between the face and neck, apply the foundation like this: magic!

Are you applying foundation but can’t improve the contrast between your face and neck? Here’s how to do it.

The foundation, as you well know, is the basis of all the makeup you will apply on your face. If applied correctly, this will create a uniform and natural look.

woman applies contrast foundation to face neck


Hue is therefore the key to achieving a true pro result. There are some tricks that you can use when applying your foundation.

How to eliminate the contrast between neck and face using foundation

It is important to try to create a uniform result and it is equally fundamental blend makeup of the face and neck without leaving lines between the two.

woman applies makeup


Stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit and well-known room the difference in hue of the skin between your face and your neck. At this point, choose a neck makeup that matches the skin tone of the face. Opt for a large, soft, round brush to apply your powder foundation. Remove the latter from the edge of the container with only one side of the brush. Take a small amount and use the brush to distribute the makeup evenly over the skin.

Apply the powder foundation on the neck, along the jaw line and under the chin. Work from the chin towards the jaw line and then towards the neck. Use a stroke downward to minimize the impact of the brush on facial hair. Also make sure there are no color separations or visible lines between the face and neck. If you choose a liquid foundation, use a damp sponge. Pour a small amount of makeup onto the top of your hand and dip the sponge into the makeup. Then spread the sponge on the jaw line. Use downward strokes for blend makeup on the jaw line and neck. Once this is done, check that there are no visible color and line separations.

Apply then a light dusting of face powder. Gently pass the brush over the skin of the face and the edge of the neck. Move the brush lightly in a circular motion to keep the foundation intact. At this point you can add the earth, preferably a shade similar to that of the foundation and apply it to the neck and around the jaw. Make a circular motion to get the makeup into your skin. Brush along the jaw line to erase any residual lines between the face and neck.

Attention: the skin must always be clean and washed before applying make-up. If your skin is dry, use one moisturizing cream water-based before applying foundation. Also, when it comes to liquid foundation, opt for a damp sponge instead of a dry one because the makeup is easier to apply and the sponge won’t absorb excess makeup. Always apply foundation first and then proceed with the rest of your makeup routine.

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