If you clean the mop like this you will no longer spread bacteria on your floor

pulisci il mocio con questa tecnica

Do you clean the mop or not? It may seem like an unimportant gesture, but it’s quite the opposite: if you don’t, you will spread bacteria all over your home!

Sanitizing your home is a fundamental gesture, but sometimes as the saying goes: “You get lost in a glass of water!” It does not matter if you have passed bleach, floor detergent, Marseille soap or white wine vinegar, so on and so forth: if not clean the mop the cleaning action will have no effect! If you want avoid to dirty even more, and make the house safe and secure for the little ones that crawl there, follow this advice.

clean the mop with this technique

source: created by Canva and what a woman

The cleaning action must be targeted, but above all efficient! Also why pass the mop at home it is not an action that needs to be done so much for, but it is of extreme importance. Especially if you walk on the floor of your home with the shoes you take out everywhere you go.

It is a typically oriental habit to walk around the house barefoot or with skates, slippers suitable for walking around the rooms without getting dirty. It is not such a revolutionary gesture considering that in the end you walk in slippers, you just have to do it at the entrance.

So to prevent that infections and other diseases can damage the health of your loved ones, and to give you the real feeling of cleanliness, follow this trick clean mop.

If you clean the mop like this, you will only have advantages!

First of all, if clean the mop with the technique we are about to present to you, you will not only have a 100% sanitized house and you will not get into trouble without realizing it, but there are also other advantages. First of all there is the economic saving, because the move you will have to make is so simple and eco-sustainable that it will really revolutionize your life and the way you see the world around you.

Clean mop in this foolproof way

source: created by Canva

The advantages we are about to indicate to you are different. First of all, why washing the mop you are not going to spend money by buying another one. Because it’s okay that it gets dirty, but it’s still intact!

The rooms of your home must be cleaned with care and with a certain frequency, and the rag in question penetrates into all depths. So it is the cleaning tool that most of all impregnates with bacteria.

Furthermore, the sanitizing action of your mop will take place with the products you already have at home, you will not have to buy anything. Or in any case if you don’t have them, we recommend that you get them because you will exploit them in so many other ways! The first of all and which is the protagonist of the “recipe for cleaning” we are talking about is the sodium bicarbonate!

Fill a basin full of water, and put in it a generous portion of the product, half a glass of lemon juice, a large glass of white wine vinegar and dip the mop in it. Leave it there for about 15 minutes, if more is better. Afterwards, empty the water and rinse it with more clean. Once this is done, squeeze it well!

Exactly, since it is a practical gesture, you can do it in the meantime that you take care of other tasks. In short, easy and fast, just as we like it, but above all infallible and effective!

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