If you go to the beach there are 5 important rules that not everyone follows: it affects your health

buone abitudini spiaggia

It is time for holidays and therefore for the sea, when we go to the beach we should follow some good habits at the table but not only.

Summer is finally here and it is too vacation time. When it is so hot, many choose to take refuge in the sea to find some refreshment between swimming and relaxation under the umbrella on the beach.

good beach habits

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With such a hot climate, however, it is good to take some precautions from different points of view. Starting for example from the table, we should introduce suitable foods to face the summer heat in the best way.

So let’s find out which are the good habits to follow not only with regard to diet, but also for other important health aspects. Here is a list of beach things to do for better cope with muggy and hot weather.

Here are the good habits to keep on the beach

While it is true that spending time on the beach can be a pleasant, relaxing and fun experience for many, it is also known that to face the scorching heat in the best possible way, it is good to adopt some good habits.

good beach habits

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Many pass by the table and certainly keeping a correct diet, especially in hot weather, is essential in order not to run into health problems, on the other hand, attention must also be paid to other aspects.

So let’s find out what are the good habits to keep at the table and not only when we are on the beach.

1) Hydrate. The term hydration means both drinking and moisturizing the skin. The first thing to do when there is a large loss of fluids, for example due to sweat, is to replenish by drinking as much as possible. At least a couple of liters of water a day is the recommended dose for an adult. This is a habit we should all have regardless of whether we go to the beach or not. Even more so now that it’s hot and if you go to the beach it should be encouraged. And so if we were able to drink even a little more it would not be bad, especially if we have lost fluids playing for example beach volleyball or doing some physical activity on the beach, under the sun.

2) Protect the skin. As already mentioned in point 1, we must hydrate ourselves from the inside, drinking the right amount of water, but also externally, we must hydrate the skin and to do this we need a protective and at the same time moisturizing cream. About it here find out how to choose the most suitable sunscreen based on the phototype.

3) Cover your head. Another good habit is to wear something on your head when out in the sun in order to avoid direct sun exposure which could cause sunstroke. Green light for straw hats, bandanas, scarves and so on.

4) Consume more fruits and vegetables. In addition to water, seasonal fruit and vegetables are essential to hydrate the body. A very healthy habit that we should include as a routine is to consume fruit by the sea. It is a perfect snack to stop hunger, for example after a swim or a game of beach volleyball. It does not weigh down and in addition it provides many vitamins and mineral salts useful for the well-being of the organism. Even better if we opt for yellow, orange and red fruit, rich in beta-carotene, such as apricots, melon, peaches, watermelon, and so on. Here you will find several ideas for preparing fresh salads with summer fruit.

5) Avoid junk food and alcohol. On the other hand, avoid junk food and alcohol when you spend many hours in the sun. Instead, it is better to consume light and easily digestible meals.

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