If you have narrow hips, dress like this to flatter your body

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If you have narrow hips and broad shoulders, here’s what you could wear to enhance your body and create the right harmony in your shapes.

Narrow hips, broad shoulders, T-shaped body – this is what characterizes the so-called inverted triangle physicist.

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And this always happens: those with wide hips – and a pear-shaped body – would like them tight and those who have narrow ones would want them wide. And hence the dilemma: what can i wear if I want to enhance my forms?

No fear, every physicist can be exalted, even without too many problems. In this specific case, if you have narrow hips and broad shoulders, you should try to find your balance and give your body the symmetry it lacks.

Small parenthesis: it is not a defect to have the physical T type, it’s just a physique like any other, so we’re not telling you how to mask certain parts of your body, but just how to harness your strengths.

That said, what should you wear if you have narrow hips and broad shoulders?

What you should wear if you have wide hips

The first thing to do would be avoid having large volumes on which will not give you any symmetry and will only hide your life.

tight hips wear

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So no to jackets and blazers oversize. If you have narrow hips, you should focus on the waist choosing for example wide belts, tight jackets, original colors at the waist. What else can you wear? Jackets – as well as blazers and cardigans – shorts, dresses and tops tight at the waist, or from the A-line.

Then focus a lot on your lower body. How? With the color block for example. Try to choose complementary colors on the upper and lower body, however opting for colors that are darker above and lighter below.

However, he always wears trousers and skirts in light, gaudy colors or choose eye-catching patterns.

Avoid black on the lower body, which does nothing but slim down and you actually just want to enlarge.

Yes to miniskirts, shorts, skinny pants (also white, especially now that we are in summer), which highlight the legs. In winter you could also opt for fancy socks and leggings.

In any case, we tell you right away that you should prefer hipster, because those with a high waist may not flatter the hips at all.

As for the skirts, instead, you should prefer the voluminous ones, because they balance the proportions, such as tulip, balloon, wheel.

Our aim, however, as we have abundantly anticipated, is to balance narrow hips and broad shoulders. How to do? With asymmetrical cuts, soft shape on the shoulders, V-neck. And not only that, because even the boat ones will do. In general, each neckline elongates the upper body and is therefore welcome.

What you should avoid are oversized sweaters, as well as the horizontal lines and too many decorations near the shoulders: remember that we want to divert attention from the upper part of the body and try to catalyze it on the lower one.

Yes, absolutely in vertical lines: these lengthen the figure and are extremely sensual and feminine.

Likewise, you might join these zippers, rows of buttons, precious details that enhance the length: these create the right proportions in just a few steps and draw the eye to your height and not to the size of your hips and shoulders.

Also choose gathers and ruffles in the hips area it can be a way to balance the volume of the shoulders.

A trick? Create layers in your outfit, giving life to what we commonly call the “onion look”.

How to propose it again? Wearing various garments on top of each other of course. You could choose a top with a blouse on top, for example, and from underneath a flared or skinny jeans, which creates harmony in your shapes.

Other looks that work are for example those formed by sweaters, tops, t – shirts that reach the line of the hips (or at most slightly above) and miniskirts. Or even A-line dresses can be for you, because they balance the figure.

Similarly, you could choose asymmetrical and one-shoulder cuts because they draw the eye to their “unusual” shape and distract attention from the shoulders.

And if you have straight hips, here are the pants that will change your life.

In any case, once again we have had proof that perfect outfits correspond to every body.

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