If you love chestnuts you absolutely must stop making these mistakes

Chestnuts are among the typical foods of the autumn season. Find out what mistakes you should never make to fully enjoy them.

Those who love chestnuts know very well how they are extremely greedy but also delicate foods. It is enough to commit even the smallest mistake to find them scorched or not very pleasant to taste. A real shame, if you think that when they are worked to perfection they represent one of the typical flavors of autumn.

chestnuts mistakes

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If you’ve also found yourself in trouble with this prized food, from today you can breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, we are going to reveal to you what are the mistakes that you probably make often and that you should really stop making. Only in this way will you be able to enjoy a unique product that lasts over time and performs at its best in the kitchen.

The mistakes you should never make with chestnuts again

Chestnuts are so good that not loving them is almost impossible. Yet, it often happens to limit oneself to buying them ready-made because certain of not knowing how to make the most of them. The truth is, you just need to avoid a few simple mistakes to find the right combination of steps to take.

chestnuts mistakes

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Which at the same time will lead to being able to take advantage of the chestnuts in various ways and all without ruining them before or during cooking. After discovering the tricks for perfect roasted chestnuts, here, then, is everything you need to watch out for in order not to make mistakes with chestnuts.

Choose them at random

One of the secrets to making chestnuts last the best is to buy the right ones and not go haphazardly. From the moment of purchase it is in fact possible to distinguish them and choose the ones that appear healthier. It is often thought that buying cheap bags is better but in reality, there are many chestnuts inside that do not last long. Unless you have to feed who knows how many people it is therefore preferable to go for the loose ones but choose the best of all.

Making them moldy is one of the biggest mistakes made with chestnuts

Chestnuts are particularly delicate and for this reason they must be treated with care. Forgetting them, even if only for a couple of days can lead to moldy, especially if you leave them in their envelope. Better freeze immediately those that you think you can’t cook in time and focus on the others by giving them the right care. In this way you will avoid waste and you will not find yourself searching (at the last minute) for new chestnuts to buy.

Peel them raw

Chestnuts should always be peeled when cooked, both to avoid harm and not to affect their appearance. After all, just blanch them a little to get a great result and a peel that will come off much easier. A little trick to avoid one of the biggest mistakes that are made with these precious fruits.

Now that you understand which are the most important mistakes and which you shouldn’t make anymore, just remember that chestnuts are also excellent to be used in different preparations, to be able to fully enjoy them throughout the season. This way you will have truly delicious food to rely on. And most importantly, you can get back to it without fear of making a mess.