If you love sneakers, here are all the style secrets to wear them at their best!

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If you love sneakers, you can’t help but know these style secrets to be in line with street-style trends! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will explain everything about how to best wear sneakers!

If once we thought that these particular shoes were only used during our workouts, now we can no longer take them off. Land sneakers, commonly called sneakers, have become indispensable in everyday outfits, but are we sure we know all the style secrets about it?

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Everyday life becomes more and more chaotic and faster. We find ourselves running from one part of the city to the other for work or family reasons, until we get exhausted at the end of the day.

And it is precisely because of this fast and incessant everyday life that our outfits must respect at least one adjective: to be super comfortable!

Our looks must help ourselves to live our days to the fullest. It is precisely here that we find the strength of fashion: we never talk only about clothes and accessories, but fashion is precisely the ability that trends have to help us who buy clothes, shoes, and anything else to live our days to the fullest. .

And here comes the protagonist of this style guide: sneakers. Since they have been part of our life we ​​have never stopped wearing them. Sneakers are literally an integral part of our days.

But even if we wear them every day we could make some style mistakes. Then? Let’s find out all the secrets on how to best wear sneakers!

The 3 style secrets to wear sneakers in everyday life and always be on top!

The models on the market are many, and all super trendy! Sneakers are now the jewel within our total look. Precisely for this reason we need to know which model to wear and how! Let’s find out!

Secret sneakers

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see what the style secrets to wear sneakers in everyday life and be on top:

  • for the office: until a few years ago it was impossible to go to work in the office with sneakers. Now it is possible and it is very trendy. But beware, not all models are good. For example, under your elegant suit, jacket and trousers, only a simple white sneakers with a flat sole can work well.
  • elegant ceremonies: even if there are sneakers costing thousands of euros, this does not mean that we can wear them even during the most elegant events. They are always shoes that are part of a type of sportswear, so for elegant ceremonies let’s avoid them.
  • all-day: for everyday life there is only one style secret in terms of sneakers, you have to wear the most colorful and particular model on the market! This is certainly the most important style secret when it comes to sneakers. In a street-style outfit, our personality is at the base. We need to be original and show our personal taste in fashion. By the way, these are the bags of the moment! Here’s how to get them at low cost!

Secret sneakers

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This branded style guide ends here again for today CheWoman who has seen the three style secrets to always be at the top wearing a pair of sneakers.

See you next style guide! To stay up to date on all the fashion news!

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