If you make these mistakes you look older, it’s a matter of style

There are many style mistakes to never commit, but some in particular must be avoided with all our strength! Guy? The mistakes that make us look aged! Here’s how to avoid this with the right rules!

Getting dressed is a simple act that we do every day. Achieving perfect looks, on the other hand, is difficult and you need to know all the rules of fashion. But once you have learned the rules to be fashionable, our outfits will always be at the top, and we can avoid all style mistakes. There are some in particular that have the ability to give us extra years of age, and which should be avoided absolutely!

Style mistakes

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Each of us has a particular taste in fashion and therefore our clothing style is unique and inimitable.

It happens, however, that sometimes, taken from the creative flair, we make huge style mistakes, making our outfits not only not trendy, but also not valued our person.

For example, there are style mistakes that make our physicality seem aged! How to avoid them? With this license plate style guide CheWoman!

The style mistakes that get older are these: here’s how to avoid them at all costs!

Vintage garments, oversized patterns and wrinkled dresses. Be careful when we wear looks that have these characteristics, because we can fall into the style mistake!

Style mistakes

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see what they are the mistakes to avoid in our looks so as not to make us look older:

  • vintage garments: the use of vintage garments is fine, but it is not good to create the total look with “old” garments. Try to always mix your outfits. A vintage garment together with other more sporty and current ones.
  • maxi floral patterns: there are fantasies that have the ability to give us years of age in a few moments. Guy? The floral fantasy. Let’s avoid too noisy patterns, instead choose the more chic ones, such as vertical stripes or large checks!
  • wrinkled dresses: there is the “clochard effect” style, a mix between street-style and vintage, but it is not always the best choice. We try to avoid clothes that are wrinkled, damaged, or that are not our size. Because if not worn correctly they risk making us look simply unkempt! By the way, choosing the perfect wedding dress has never been easier, here’s the secret!

Style mistakes

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Now that we have seen how to avoid the style mistakes that age our figure, we just have to create our looks to perfection! To always be at the top!