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Buying online is an increasingly common practice, since it is often much more convenient, but can we save money when we do it? Of course yes. That’s how.

Buy online it is often very easy and very convenient: we can buy everything we want, in fact, in every part of the world, simply with a click.

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It is therefore no coincidence that this practice is widespread and that it becomes more and more. How says the eCommerce B2C Netcomm Observatory – School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, in 2022, online purchases will reach 46 billion euros. And this implies a growth of 14% compared to the previous year.

And there is more, because according to them this rate will continue to rise, especially thanks to the new generations, certainly more used to technology than the old school.

Although probably the latter will also convert to the philosophy of the web, why should we go to the physical store, when I can buy the exact same thing, sitting on the sofa in our house and maybe even find it discounted?

Hence, a question of fundamental importance (especially now, in the light of skyrocketing inflation): how can we save money by shopping online? Here are some tips that you might find very useful.

There are various ways to save online and we can especially mention a couple of them and that is discount codes and cashback. But what exactly are they?

Here’s how to save online

Let’s start immediately with discount codes – often also called discount coupons or promotional coupons – which are therefore coupons, but in digital format.

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In practice these are just codes, that is, you will find an alphanumeric text string issued by an online store that you can then use to make your purchases.

To take advantage of it you simply have to apply it in a special field and you will immediately see your discount appear.

Just think that more than 10 million Italians have chosen this method to shop lately and that says a lot.

To understand the extent of the phenomenon, we must also specify another thing: often these they also allow you to access exclusive offers in online stores.

This means that you will not find the same items in any physical location and this therefore allows you to have what you want – and that otherwise you could not buy – even at a discounted price.

Here comes another good news: there are gods specialized portals to understand where you can find these discount codes. Just log in to the site, register and leave your email address, on which you will receive all the offers, so that none of them can escape you.

That said, we need to do one distinction between the various types of discount codes, since there are so many.

However, among the most common we cannot fail to mention the newsletter discount code, which is nothing more than a voucher that is issued to the user after he has subscribed to his newsletter. Generally you simply need to leave your email address in a special box and the voucher will arrive directly there.

Another popular coupon is the percentage discount, which – as can easily be deduced – is simply a reduction in the final price. Generally, a minimum threshold must be reached to obtain it.

It then exists instead the fixed value discount, which generally applies to a minimal expense.

And again, there is the coupon free shipping, which eliminates the shipping costs, so it allows the user to pay only the sum of the goods he buys.

Alternatively, there is the option of obtaining a gift voucher: simply by purchasing a product you get another for free.

Finally, it is also very widespread the birthday discount, which is delivered on the birthday of the user in question. Generally to get it, just register on the site and fill in the date of birth section, so that on the birthday the system can recognize it and send the discount on the mail.

The other way to save online it’s called cashback. This is a mechanism whose genesis dates back to about ten years ago, in the United States. In recent years it has spread all over the world, even in Italy.

Here, however, people are a little more reluctant to use them, since taxation here makes it slightly less convenient.

What exactly is cashback? It’s a matter of a refund for purchases made with cards and apps.

How do you get it? By registering to a portal (which essentially acts as an intermediary between the user and the virtual store). This way you will get your personal account, on which you will have to communicate your personal data, in order to obtain the desired sum.

Once this is done, you will have to access a link – activate cashback – and then you will only have to choose the store that interests you.

Sara the system to calculate the repayment percentage that is up to you, which therefore is not absolutely fixed, but depends on some factors, but mainly on the agreement between e – commerce and intermediary.

In Italy which shops allow you to put this mechanism into practice to save on online purchases? There are several. Among these we also remember various brands including Sephora, H&M, MSC Cruises.

And about the accredited cashback sites? The most famous is Topnegozi.it, which contains more than 1000 partners and on which 250 thousand people are registered. Among the affiliated stores appear names such as Groupon, Nike, Adidas and many others.

There are obviously others too, including Buyon, Letyshops and Myworld.

Still on the subject of savings, here’s how to save water, pay less on your bills and help the planet.

In short, ultimately saving money by shopping online is very easy, just find the means that best suits your needs.

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