If your dream is to gain muscle mass, here are the right foods for you!

Here are the foods we should consume to gain muscle mass: let’s find out what to eat for a sculpted body.

When you want to gain muscle mass, you need to calibrate your diet based on physical activity. You don’t necessarily need to be an athlete, but also a simple fitness lover or anyone who wants to keep fit must know that some foods help fuel the muscles.

gain muscle mass

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Nutrition and physical activity they are therefore complementary and both important in order to increase muscle mass. In addition, some foods are more suitable than others as they allow you to face a workout with much more strength and energy.

So let’s find out what the foods that help us increase muscle mass and that we should introduce into our diet so as to have a more sculpted, toned and fit physique.

Here are the foods to add to your diet to gain muscle mass

To repair muscle fibers and increase muscle mass, it is necessary to introduce some foods that help in this sense. When you want to increase lean mass, it is therefore necessary to introduce more food but in an intelligent and balanced way otherwise you only end up gaining weight.

gain muscle mass

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It is essential to contact a nutritionist who can help us professionally to achieve our goals. In any case, if at the beginning it will seem to us to be a little “tarnished” or less defined, everything is normal.

With physical exercise, the “extra pounds” will soon turn into lean mass. But what are the directions to follow? In the meantime, it is necessary to start the day with an adequate and rich breakfast.

Fundamental is do not skip the first meal of the day, it provides the energy needed to face all the commitments that concern daily activities. The body needs sugar to start the brain and muscles.

Therefore, if we want to increase muscle mass we will have to eat whole grains rich in fiber combining them with proteins, such as milk, yogurt, or nuts. If you love pancakes or waffles, just prepare them with wholemeal flour instead of normal flour.

Another secret to gaining muscle mass is knowing what to eat before exercising. We should achieve a balance between carbohydrates and proteins, in this way we can provide more energy to the body than a meal rich in sugar and fat.

Some good pairings could be brown rice and beans, as well as wholemeal crackers and low-fat cheese. In addition, fruits such as bananas and apples should be introduced as well as seasonal fruits, and also dried ones including walnuts, almonds, etc.

Not only that, too after training it is important to know how to feed then a meal consisting mainly of proteins but also a part of carbohydrates is essential for increasing muscle mass and recovering lost energy.

Salmon is good, which in addition to being a protein source also contains omega-3s, but also legumes such as a chickpea salad. Or if it’s not time for lunch and dinner yet, we can opt for a protein shake.

We will not have to wait too long, within an hour we will be able to refuel so as to repair the muscle fibers. Furthermore, let’s not forget that it is also important to hydrate as we will lose a lot of fluids with sweating.