Ilaria D'Amico on vacation with Buffon and Alena Seredova's children: smiles on Instagram

Ilaria D'Amico on vacation with Buffon and Alena Seredova's children: smiles on Instagram

The tender images of D'Amico's and Buffon's extended family together with Alena Seredova's children

Not all evil comes to harm, and even the most complicated situations can turn into more rosy scenarios. This is what happened to Ilaria D’Amico and the iconic goalkeeper of the Italian national team Gianluigi Buffon. But let's take a step back.

The two met now more than seven years ago when the footballer was still linked to Alena Seredova, from whose marriage the little ones David Lee and Louis Thomas were born. A long-standing, solid love, which, however, had not been able to do anything against D'Amico with whom Buffon had fallen madly in love despite everything.

A complicated situation, that between Buffon, D’Amico and the Czech showgirl, which however today seems to be only a distant memory. Currently, in fact, Seredova has found the smile next to Alessandro Nasi who gave her the beautiful Vivienne Charlotte born last May. Ilaria and Gigi, on the other hand, in 2016 had a wonderful baby together who made their union official.

On the other hand, even the relations between the player and Alena today appear much more relaxed unlike what happened in the first months after the separation when, also thanks to the numerous newspaper articles dedicated to them, the three had found themselves in spite of themselves at the center of the media attention.

That difficult moment is now a thing of the past and now it is not surprising to see the photos posted on social networks by the goalkeeper. The images of a beautiful extended family that sees the child, born from the love story of D’amico and Buffon, together with the children born from the footballer's marriage to Alena. The carefree portrait of an Italian summer as Buffon himself wanted to emphasize, who, like many other VIPs, chose to support our territory this year. Spontaneous shots from which one cannot fail to notice the perfect silhouette of the presenter.

Ilaria D'Amico and Gianluigi Buffon

Ilaria D’Amico amazing in costume – Source: Instagram

A strong and solid love between Ilaria and Gigi which, if yesterday was able to go beyond adversity, today has materialized in the values ​​of family and union as can be seen from these images shared on social networks. A photo in particular, which portrays them alone, probably taken by one of the children, thus acquires even more value: first parents and then a couple. A serene, happy couple who have been choosing each other every day for more than seven years.

A great love that was also born from the common passion for football and which will be of great support for D'Amico, which recently announced its farewell to Sky Calcio. After almost twenty years of permanent presence, in fact, the historic presenter has declared her desire to abandon the cable network to be able to embark on new adventures. Unpublished challenges that could see her at the helm of an evening appointment with a topical theme of which for the moment, however, there is no further information.

After 23 years spent as the iconic face of football, then, we just have to wait to see the historic presenter engaged in new work horizons.

Gianluigi Buffon, Ilaria D'Amico and the children of Seredova

The tender images of the extended family of D'Amico and Buffon together with Seredova's children. Source: Instagram

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