Ilary and Morena, the letters 18 years later

Ilary and Morena, the letters 18 years later

A shot posted on social media that portrays Ilary Blasi and Morena Salvino, historical letters of word of mouth, 18 years later

Remember the word of mouth? Who they were and what they do today

Ilary Blasi and Morena Salvino, two of the most loved letters of the historic pre-word word of mouth program, aired from 1999 to 2008.

There were many letters from the various editions of the program, but among the most loved were undoubtedly Ilary (it was thanks to the program that Totti saw her on TV and fell in love with her), Morena, Alessia Ventura, Alessia Fabiani, Silvia Toffanin, Daniela Bella, Cristina Cellai, Vincenza Cacace, Francesca Lodo.

Some of them remained in close contact, as in the case of Ilary with Silvia Toffanin (still one of her best friends to date) and Morena.

On the Instagram account of Ilary's fanpage, a shot of the two former letters brought us back in time. The two of them danced word of mouth in the 2002-2003 edition, eighteen years ago. Yet today they are still beautiful. Just scroll through their Instagram accounts, and also see them in everyday life, both Ilary and Morena, to realize it.

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