Ilary Blasi exaggerates with the aesthetic retouching: criticisms rain down for the new look

Ilary Blasi

The Roman presenter decided to resort to carboxytherapy but her decision was not received with enthusiasm.

Isola dei Famosi 2021: Ilary Blasi's incredible looks

Isola dei Famosi 2021: Ilary Blasi’s incredible looks

A choice that is not really liked, that of Ilary Blasi, who underwent carboxytherapy treatment on her legs and face with a purpose that she did not want to declare. It could be an aesthetic touch-up or medical therapy to improve the condition of the skin. The fact is that, his Stories on Instagram, were followed by a series of not very nice comments on the decision to undergo the treatment.

Ilary Blasi and that too many retouching

She is nice, prepared and she is also beautiful. Yet, Ilary Blasi does not fail to arouse the indignation of the followers, especially when he decides to share some of the treatments he decides to undergo. This is the case of carboxytherapy, applied to the legs and face, which consists of injections of carbon dioxide on the subcutaneous layer to improve its appearance and vascular function.

The result obtained, especially the one on the face, did not find the approval of those who commented harshly. The impression is that he exaggerated – according to them – showing himself with a smooth and too tight skin. And the reasons, which could also be related to health, matter little. Criticism is always around the corner.

In these many years spent in front of the cameras, Ilary Blasi has always shown that he is capable of going his own way. Even when she found herself at the center of the controversy. And not only when it comes to herself but also her work. This was the case with the attacks he received on his prime time show, Star in the star, which did not achieve the desired results.

The Roman presenter continued to go straight on her way, without letting herself be scratched by a few words too many and, even when they accused her of plagiarism and that her broadcast was too similar to that of her direct competitor, Rai1, which for years proposes Tale and Which Show with the management of Carlo Conti.

Moments of relaxation while waiting for the Island of the Famous

Ilary Blasi is still taking a period of relaxation before returning to the helm of the Isola dei Famosi, a reality show by Canale5 which he conducted for the first time in 2021. It was a great return on the air, for the show live from ‘Honduras, stopped by the pandemic at the 2019 edition led by Alessia Marcuzzi after landing in Mediaset.

Its management has brought great news and not only for the format but also as a style of presentation. Not surprisingly, the Network has decided to reconfirm it for the second consecutive year, with a new edition that should go on the air after the end of Big Brother Vip. The first big names are already moving with a return that will be appreciated by the public: that of Dayane Mello.

The new edition of the Island of the Famous now moves on the ground of indiscretions. The confirmation of Ilary Blasi was followed by that of Massimiliano Rosolino as a correspondent, given as uncertain in the aftermath of the final which saw Awed triumph over the super favorite Valentina Persia.

Ilary Blasi on Instagram

Ilary Blasi on Instagram

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