Ilary Blasi, gaffe during the first date with Totti

Ilary Blasi, gaffe during the first date with Totti

Francesco Totti, for the first time, talks about the first date with Ilary Blasi and tells a gaffe of the presenter

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, a family summer full of love

The one formed by Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti is one of the best known and most loved couples in the entertainment world. Since their engagement, the two have attracted the attention of gossip enthusiasts, fans and fans by having fun with their spontaneity and sympathy. After about fifteen years of marriage and three children, the former Roma captain recounted his first date with the showgirl, once again tearing a smile.

Whoever imagines a fairytale encounter is wrong. The one between Ilary and Francesco, in fact, was not a first outing without hitches. Totti himself described it to actor Pietro Castellitto, who plays him in the Sky Original TV series Speravo de died prima, which focuses on the player's last two years of career.

In the awaited promotional video of the series, we see a smiling Totti who, for the first time, tells a funny anecdote: during the first date, Ilary committed a gaffe that he, out of gallantry and not to put her in difficulty, did pretend not to notice.

I went to get Ilary for the first time – he said -, as he went down he opened the door and hit the wall. With Ferrari. I said "This first time starts badly". But I was indifferent.

A funny detail which, probably, thanks to the Speravo de died earlier series, many more will follow in the future. What happened after the first date is, in any case, already history. Francesco and Ilary started dating, they fell deeply in love and got engaged. On the other hand, it was immediately evident that they were made for each other.

On June 19, 2005, Francesco and Ilary celebrated their wedding. They then became parents of their eldest son Cristian, Chanel and the youngest of the Totti Isabel family. The family loves to share some moments of their daily lives on social media, always collecting esteem and great affection from all their loyalists.

The first appointment of Francesco and Ilary, therefore, will not have been a fairy tale. The love that still keeps Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi together, however, continues to make us dream and, above all, to smile. How will they surprise us next?

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