Ilary Blasi: here is the report card of her looks

Ilary Blasi: here is the report card of her looks

Ilary Blasi has a sparkling and young style: here is my report card of her looks!

Ilary Blasi has a cheerful and bubbly personality and this way of being also shines through in her clothing. He has bright and bold colors and a physique that fears practically nothing! But… will he always be able to highlight it in the right way? Let's see it together.

Ilary Blasi: sportswoman in t-shirt and leggings

So: I state that I'm not a fan of leggings, even if you have bomb-proof legs like Ilary's. They do not "dress", but "cover", precisely because they are not a structured garment. Look at the photo below: the long shirt, worn with the tight leggings, lowers Ilary's center of gravity, making her legs appear shorter. To correct everything, a simple pair of regular-waisted jeans would have been enough. Rating 6.

Ilary Blasi with white t-shirt

Ilary Blasi: elegant in beige

Here Ilary makes the same mistake as above: the trousers are low-waisted, which lowers the center of gravity. Heels are not enough to correct the shot and neither is the choice of a monochrome look. Furthermore, the shades of beige, although they are very chic, tend to tone down its colors, which are brought out by brighter shades. Grade 7.

Ilary Blasi in jumpsuit

Ilary Blasi: with the suede dress

To wear such a dress you need to have a body like Ilary's! Nothing to say, the dress is enchanting. Too bad only for the color: even this tone of brown, so dark, turns it off a little. I really like the very high sandal instead. Grade 7.

Ilary Blasi in brown dress

Ilary Blasi: in red

With red, Ilary brings out her colors very well! Too bad only for the cut of the blouse, which wraps the abdomen, without raising the center of gravity, but penalizing it. As for the hairstyle, I personally prefer it with soft and wavy hair: they frame her face, adding volume in a fresh and natural way. Grade 7 and a half.

Ilary Blasi in red

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