Ilary Blasi, holidays with Totti and farewell to the GF Vip

Ilary Blasi, holidays with Totti and farewell to the GF Vip

Romantic escape to the sea for Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, in love on the French Riviera

Sun, sea and relaxation. It's time for the holidays for the couple Francesco Totti- Ilary Blasi. Husband and wife flew to the French Riviera with a group of friends to detach themselves from the efforts of an intense year.

The Totti's first stop was in Montecarlo, at Twiga, where last night amid music, drinks and fun, the couple indulged in wild dancing in honor of a friend from Ilary who turned years old.

The time to recover from the party and the Totti have reached Saint Tropez. Here, Ilary and Francesco enjoyed romantic walks and shopping in the alleys of the seaside resort known all over the world and then, finally, they allowed themselves the much desired relaxation on the beach.

It was Francesco Totti who made the couple's escape public, with a photo posted on his Instagram profile. In the image there are Francesco and Ilary lying on the bed like any two tourists, enjoying the sun, rigorously embracing each other, and Ilary snaps a kiss on the cheek of her husband.

The difficulties and controversies that, above all Francesco, has left behind, after the revelations that have clarified his role in the painful abandonment of Rome by another team flag, De Rossi, seem distant. A weekly, on that occasion, had explained that there would be the shadow of his inseparable Ilary behind the bad relationship between the player and the manager, but that in reality, the real tension is that between the two yellow and red first ladies: Ilary and Sara Felberbaum, De Rossi's second wife. A friction that would then have poured into the relationship between the two husbands.

Certainly in every step they take, Francesco and Ilary support each other. And, if Francesco removes the controversy, Ilary instead can enjoy the well-deserved rest in peace, after yet another television season that has seen her protagonist and increasingly popular with the public.

The showgirl will be taking advantage of the holiday with her husband to charge the batteries in view of the next engagement with Temptation Island Vip and also to think about many new plans for the future, since next year viewers will no longer find her at the helm of the Grande Brother Vip.

In the meantime, however, think about enjoying the charm of the French Riviera and the company of your Francesco, who since he retired from playing football has had much more time for the family; it seems that the love between the two has benefited.

On the other hand, the couple has gone through many, yet Francesco and Ilary seem now united by a truly bombproof bond.

They met in 2002 and never broke up. In 2005 the dream wedding, then the arrival of the three children Christian, Chanel and Isabel and a relationship that has always been a firm, tight and warm point, like a hug in the sun.

After the farewell to the VIP VIP, Ilary Blasi enjoys relaxing by the sea with Francesco Totti. Photo: Instagram

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