Ilary Blasi insulted on Instagram: Totti defends her

Ilary Blasi insulted on Instagram: Totti defends her

Francesco Totti lashes out against the haters and on Instagram defends Ilary Blasi from an attack, once again demonstrating his love for her

Francesco Totti was unable to remain silent in front of a hater who insulted Ilary Blasi on Instagram and responded in tone, defending his wife.

The presenter has always been little active on Instagram, where she rarely publishes shots that tell her private life, preferring photo shoots and glossy photos. In the last period, however, he has started to post some particular images on his profile. A few days ago, on the occasion of his birthday, he had written a dedication for Totti, while more recently he showed fans Isabel, the couple's third child.

Back on Instagram, Ilary also had to deal with the haters, who this time threw themselves at her with particular vehemence. Commenting on the shot that portrays the little Isabel, intent on playing with the buildings, one user wrote: “I hope your daughters don't follow your example in aesthetics. You have become a monster, like ruining yourself. You are a poor ignorant. "

Shortly thereafter, the lapidary response of the former champion of Rome arrived. "And you're a demented" wrote Totti, supported by thousands of followers. Married since 2005, Ilary and Francesco form one of the most close-knit couples in the world of entertainment.

Always reserved and away from the spotlight, they managed to build a solid and indissoluble bond, which was not scratched even by gossip about a possible betrayal of the footballer. It was the 2000s when Totti first saw Ilary on TV. At the time she was a word of mouth dancer and had recently moved to Milan. Then the first meeting, thanks to the complicity of her sister, Silvia, who did not go as well as he hoped.

“It was not a great deal – revealed Totti in his autobiography -, given that she had lost her cell phone that evening and was very nervous. But he didn't follow football and this gave me hope. " The rest is history: a fairytale wedding, broadcast on TV (with the proceeds donated to charity), three children and a love that has grown and grown over the years.

Years have passed since Totti, after a goal, took off his shirt showing the wording "6 unique", but his feelings for Ilary are stronger than ever and this umpteenth social demonstration proves it.

Ilary Blasi – Source: Instagram

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