Ilary Blasi prepares to return to TV and sees Teo Mammuccari on Instagram

Ilary Blasi

While enjoying the summer holidays, Ilary Blasi has a fun meeting which she shares with her fans

These days, Ilary Blasi and her wonderful family are dedicated to fun days at the beach and to the many other classic summer engagements, including going out with friends and dinners in great company. An old friend also appears on his Instagram profile, and there are those who suspect that there is something boiling in the pot.

Ilary Blasi is one of the most loved women in the world of entertainment, and she is also very popular on social networks, where she recently landed. Following its events is a real joy: it has a beautiful family, and with Francesco Totti forms a close-knit couple of those to make millions of people dream. Just recently, Ilary and her husband celebrated their anniversary, and for the occasion, there was no shortage of sweet love dedications. But in these first days of summer, not only do they enjoy their intimacy and their beautiful children: as is clear from Instagram, their daily lives are also animated by the presence of many friends.

Among her stories, Blasi has decided to entertain fans with a little game. Speaking of a friend of his "who was very fashionable in the 80s and 90s", he proposed to followers to guess the mysterious identity of his guest based on only a few clues. The riddle did not last long, because Ilary soon revealed who it was: the unknown guest was none other than Teo Mammuccari, with whom he made a good friendship during the many television experiences they shared.

Teo, a dinner guest of the Totti family, lent himself to the game and, demonstrating the complicity that is with him, Ilary Blasi hurried to make fun of him: “Once you were a woman eater, now you have become a spelled eater! " – exclaimed the presenter, referring to the tasty dish that Mammuccari was devouring. But the sudden reappearance of the very nice presenter has made the fans suspicious: that the two are preparing for a great return on TV? In fact, in recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the possibility that Blasi will become the protagonist of the next autumn schedule.

According to rumors, it would be on the launching pad for both the Island of the Famous and the Record Show. And precisely this last transmission was in the past led by Teo Mammuccari, so thought can only fly to a future conduction of a couple that sees them together, just as happened in Le Iene. Of course, at the moment, these are only rumors. But fans are eagerly waiting for Ilary Blasi to return to TV, after a long absence also caused by Alfonso Signorini's arrival at the helm of the GF Vip.

ilary blasi

Ilary Blasi – Photo: Instagram

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