Ilary Blasi, sister Melory has become a mother: Jolie was born

Ilary Blasi, sister Melory has become a mother: Jolie was born

Melory Blasi, Ilary's sister, became a mother for the first time and announced it on Instagram

Ilary Blasi, a life between TV and great loves. His story in photos

A wonderful news has arrived for Ilary Blasi: her sister Melory has given birth, giving birth to a beautiful little girl. The announcement, shared on Instagram by the new mother, is very tender and reveals the baby's name, which is very original.

“You came, our great love. Welcome to the world Jolie ”- reads Melory Blasi's social profile, captioning a very sweet photo that portrays the little girl's hand tightly inside that of her mother. In the comment, Ilary's sister indicated the date of birth of her first daughter: although the news was released only in these hours, the birth took place on April 25, 2021. The new parents, apparently, have decided to keep maximum reserve in the first days of the little girl's life and they wanted to announce the good news only after almost a week.

Melory and her husband Tiziano Panicci have chosen a particular name for their little girl. Jolie has a very sweet meaning: in French it means "pretty", and has become particularly famous because the actress Angelina Jolie has chosen it as a surname to break into the world of entertainment. On the other hand, it seems to be a real family tradition to choose original names. Ilary and Melory were certainly not so widespread when they came into the world: that of the beautiful presenter is the name of the protagonist of a western film much loved by her father, while that of her sister was decided by her mother.

Little Jolie is the first daughter of Melory and Tiziano: the two got married in 2017, and last October they announced that they are pregnant with a beautiful post on Instagram. "Soon in three" – Ilary's sister had written next to a photo of her husband with his hands resting on her slightly rounded belly. Now the two lovers can hold their baby in their arms: for them it is a moment of great joy.

At the moment, Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti have not yet commented on the happy news. But it is not difficult to imagine that they are really happy with the birth of Jolie, and they will be two uncles very present in the life of their niece. On the other hand, there are many fans who congratulated mum Melory and dad Tiziano. Among these, even some VIPs such as actresses Martina Pinto and Michela Quattrociocche.

Melory Blasi became a mother

Melory Blasi

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