Ilary Blasi: "There is a pregnant woman": Totti's reaction to his wife's joke

Ilary Blasi and Totti more and more in love and beautiful: the dedication of love on vacation

"There is a pregnant woman": Ilary Blasi surprises Francesco Totti on Instagram with a very funny joke

"There is a pregnant woman": Ilary Blasi surprises on Instagram with a hilarious joke against Francesco Totti. Wife and husband are the protagonists of a video posted in the showgirl's Stories that made the fans smile. The former Roma captain has never hidden the desire to expand his family and have a fourth child after the arrival of Cristian, Chanel and Isabel.

Ilary, however, has always stated that, at least for now, she is not planning a new pregnancy. Some time ago, as a guest of Fabio Fazio, the presenter joked about her husband's dream of having another child. “Francesco says many things but then I decide! – He said -. Three is a good number, it's the right compromise. If Francesco really wants it, he will do it with someone else! ".

Precisely for this reason Totti was surprised when he heard: "Do you know that there is a pregnant woman in this house?". In the video posted on Instagram by Ilary Blasi, the former footballer appears thrilled and looks at his wife without understanding. "Do you know that there is a pregnant woman in this house? – repeats the showgirl -. Do you know or not? Are you vague? Did you understand who the pregnant woman is? Don't you have doubts? ”. Francesco does not know what to do and seems banned, until the mystery is solved by Isabel who bursts out laughing together with Cristian.

The third child of the couple says: “Pregnant woman? Paola!". In fact, it is not Blasi who is pregnant, as one could mistakenly think, but Donna Paola, the cat of the Totti household. It is a Canadian Sphynx, also known as a "naked cat", due to the absence of hair. After the joke on her husband, Ilary posted a video in the Instagram Stories in which the cat has an ultrasound at the vet.

Totti is very attached to the house cat, even though he was initially against the idea of ​​adopting the animal. During a direct Instagram with Bobo Vieri, the footballer had told of having a fight with Blasi because of Donna Paola. “In the evening she sleeps inside the bed, between her legs: she is very affectionate – he revealed -. I was about to part with my wife to take the cat: I didn't want it, but she wanted it at all costs: one day she brought it inside the house, in the end she decides that much. We didn't talk for two days, but then I fell in love ”.

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