Improve your beauty habits in the shower: follow these tips

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Have you wondered how to improve your shower, or rather your shower habits? Here are some tips.

Are you making the most of your shower? In fact, as you well know, the shower it is not just synonymous with cleanliness.

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The bathroom should be considered as a real one an integral part of the beauty regime. How? We will reveal it to you. Read on to find out.

Make the most of your shower with these beauty habits

There are several ways you can incorporate when showering for improve the level of personal care.

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We reveal to you five different ways to perfect your shower routine. Don’t worry, it’s nothing that complicated!

Shorten the shower

Once you’ve settled in, we know it’s hard to get out of the shower. Showers that last an hour certainly look indulgent and refreshing, but that’s not quite the case. If you stay too long, you risk drying your skin. So, do her a favor: reduce the duration of the showers.

Lower the temperature

Well yes, sometimes we indulge a little too much, treating ourselves to super hot showers, but let’s face it they are very relaxing. However, as you can imagine, they are not so good for the skin and hair. Indeed, the water is too hot there can deprive of essential oils, leaving the skin drier and duller. So, next time you step into the shower, think twice before turning the temperature up to maximum, opt for lukewarm water instead. You will still be able to clean yourself, but your hair and skin will thank you.

Shave your legs the right way

Shaving can sometimes be a real pain in the ass, but that doesn’t stop us from craving smooth, silky legs. So why not improve your shaving experience in the shower by learning the right way to shave? In fact, if you do it correctly, you will avoid the risk of irritation. How? Here you are the steps you should follow when you shave:

  • Wet the skin. Shaving shouldn’t happen at the start of the shower. Let the skin and hair get wet and soften before starting.
  • Use shaving cream. You shouldn’t use products that aren’t suitable for shaving, such as soap or conditioner. Rather, it would be better to start use a specific product for shavingwhich can help slide the razor without cutting the skin.
  • Replace the razor. Razors and razor blades can be expensive, but they are worth replacing regularly. In fact, according to experts, disposable razors should be thrown away after five or seven shavesto minimize the irritation caused by the blades.
  • Do not rush. When handling a sharp object, it is always a good idea not to be in a hurry. Take your time and be careful not to press too hard or not to move too fast.

Wait before drying yourself

Instead of taking a towel as soon as you get out of the shower, take advantage of the water already on your skin. Indeed, the best time to apply moisturizer is when the skin is still moist, as it can help lock in moisture.

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