In Friuli and in the Marche the best schools, the last of Sardinia

In Friuli and in the Marche the best schools, the last of Sardinia

Here is the scholastic reality painted by the evaluation questionnaires completed by the principals

Every year when the time for Invalsi Tests arrives, we talk about school, teachers 'and institutions' assessments, verification tests or questionnaires.

In addition to the Invalsi tests, however, the MIUR also uses self-assessment questionnaires, filled in by the school administrators themselves, who commit themselves to give the votes to their institutes. Once completed, the questionnaires arrive at the Ministry of Education and this year the Ministry has decided to publish them in a searchable format.

Italiani.Coop has analyzed the published data and from the elaborated infographics one can understand a lot of the Italian scholastic situation. Looking at them, Friuli Venezia-Giulia and Marche stand out on the self-assessment scale, with a score of 5.1 on a scale of 1 to 7. Lombardy and Lazio follow, just over half with a score of 4.9. Last? Sardinia, where the overall average rating reached 4.6. A score not too inferior to 5.1 in the Marche and Friuli, at the head of the ranking.

If you go into detail and look at the rankings based on school results, the best were the Friulian and Pugliese students, while in Molise they showed great skills in terms of civic education. As for the Invalsi trials, also in this case the record goes to the students of Friuli Venezia-Giulia. It is also possible to go into more detail and take provincial considerations into consideration.

The province of Udine seems to be the best from every point of view, from integration to inclusion, passing through continuity. Then follow the province of Catanzaro, Benevento, Ascoli Piceno, Monza, Ancora and Iserna, which score high on the scale. Benevento, for example, appears to have the primacy with regard to school results.

Finally, the big provinces like Rome and Milan, lead to results that are the same: excellent scores for inclusion and differentiation, integration in the territory and continuity and orientation, while the results for the Invalsi tests are decidedly lower. Achilles of many scholastic realities of the last years and object of strong polemics.

However, these are always averages: in the same province or region realities can coexist with poor results and realities of excellence, but this is a later story.

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