In Lazio reimbursement for mothers who give birth at home

Here are the requirements to get it

Green light in Lazio for the flat-rate reimbursement for mothers who decide not to give birth in hospitals but in their own homes or in birth centers.

The birth, however, must take place safely and the contact person identified by the competent ASL must be contacted.

It will be the latter, in fact, to approve or not the reimbursement, whose recipients are the future mothers with physiological pregnancy who intend to privilege the primary need for intimacy, individuality and family sharing for the performance of the birth.

It should be emphasized that the assistance must be provided by two midwives regularly registered with the register.

In this regard, as can be read on, in the last five years the ‘first’ obstetrician must have performed at least 20 parts in an out-of-hospital setting or must have gained experience in childbirth independently at the delivery room of a hospital.

The ‘second’ obstetrician, on the other hand, must have experience of assisting extra-hospital or volunteer childbirth assistance or acquired three-year post-graduate training internships taken from the delivery rooms of accredited hospital facilities.

The gestational age must be between 37 weeks and one day and 41 weeks and six days.

The fetus must be single, in a cephalic position.

The presumed weight of the child must be between the tenth and ninetieth percentile. Then there must be no known fetal pathologies or foreseeable neonatal risks.

The spontaneous onset of labor is fundamental and the amniotic fluid is clear. In any case, the waters have been broken for less than 24 hours.

In case of emergency, mothers and newborns must be transferred to the accredited structure previously identified.

On the ASL website you can get the necessary forms for the request.

Finally, within the fifteen days following the birth of the child, the request for reimbursement with tax receipt relative to the payment for the service performed must be delivered.

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