In order not to make children sick, let them play outdoors (even in the cold)

In order not to make children sick, let them play outdoors (even in the cold)

To defend and strengthen your puppies' immune defenses, it is essential to let them out. Even in winter

To make your children grow strong and healthy, the ideal is to let them go out to run and play even when the temperatures drop, obviously well covered. Because outdoors there are fewer infectious risks than indoors – like schools – and the air outside is certainly better.

To defend and strengthen children, beware of too apprehensive mothers, it is essential to let them go out even in winter, without forgetting – if the temperatures are harsh – hat, scarf and gloves. Once well covered – remember that children have less thermoregulation capacity – let them play outdoors in any weather.

This is what the expert Susanna Esposito, director of the UOC Pediatrics 1 Clinic of the Polyclinic Foundation of Milan and President of the Italian Society of Pediatric Infectivology (SITIP) says: "With the arrival of cold temperatures, parents are afraid of leaving their children in the open air, because they fear for their health. In reality, if well covered and taken out in the central hours of the day, they have less chance of being exposed to infectious agents than they have if they remain in poorly ventilated places for a long time. In fact, close contacts with other children or, more generally, with sick subjects, are one of the main ways of transmitting infectious diseases … "

To have healthy children it is also very important to bring them immediately to sport and to let physical movement live like a game. Physical activity allows children to progress in sports, make them passionate, make them confident and give them the opportunity to practice it even in adulthood. Sport strengthens the body and makes it more resistant to external agents, especially if practiced in the open air in contact with atmospheric changes.

To avoid children's ailments, it is also important to take care of the places where they live, airing well the house and the rooms in which they stay. You get sick much easier because when it's cold outside, you barricade yourself indoors. And if the child has a fever, it is not said that he cannot leave the house, the fever is lowered with antipyretics. Rather, when a child has a fever, he shouldn't go to school, but it's wrong to say he can't go out. Fever is not a disease, but a "symptom" that must run its course.

Fever is a defense against attack by viruses and bacteria, a natural "cure" that must run its course in order to defend the organism, which when attacked by a virus or bacterium defends itself with the rise in temperature which is less favorable for invading organisms.

In a nutshell, fever is a defense against the attack of viruses and bacteria and must run its course in order to defend the body. So when your child has a fever, it is better not to stuff him immediately with drugs, rather, consult your doctor.

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