In search of breath, a campaign for severe asthma

In search of breath, a campaign for severe asthma

Severe asthma affects many people: this is why the #donoilmiorespiro initiative was born, to raise awareness about the disease

It affects 5 to 10 out of 100 people with asthma, takes your breath away and often leads to hospitalization in the emergency room. This is the identikit of severe asthma, which must above all be recognized and addressed in time, together with specialists.

In fact, today there are therapeutic weapons to "sew" the right therapy on each person. To remember all this, the awareness campaign "Doctor, I have asthma." Is it serious? " promoted by AAIITO – Italian Territorial Immunologists Association of Allergists, sponsored by Federasma and Allergie Onlus, in collaboration with the Association of Severe Asthma and Breathing Together.

Young people are affected, and not only

"Our initiative – explains Antonino Musarra, Past President of AAIITO – aims to bring out severe asthma, to promote better knowledge of it, distinguishing it from mild-moderate asthma and to encourage access to centers specialized in the diagnosis and therapy of this pathology. Being able to guarantee a diagnosis in certain times and define an adequate therapy, could mean giving a concrete solution to patients who, if not treated adequately, can experience a significant worsening of their quality of life, with exacerbations of symptoms, limitations physical activity, sleep disturbances and absences from work or school. In severe cases, frequent hospitalizations may be required and, sometimes, the most acute and intense seizures can be life-threatening for patients. The advances in precision medicine and the availability of biological drugs, especially for patients affected by severe asthma for whom inhalation therapy does not work adequately are a concrete reality that has provided very positive and extremely rapid results ".

"The analysis of the data provided by the Italian Register on Severe Asthma (RAG / IRSA) 1 – comments Maria Beatrice Bilò, Head of Training at AAIITO – made it possible to evaluate the general characteristics of Italian patients suffering from severe asthma (such as average age, weight , exposure to pollutants, cigarette smoke and allergens, presence of allergy, age of onset of symptoms, age at which diagnosis was made, characteristics of lung function and bronchial inflammation), the type of treatments used and their effectiveness, associated pathologies (the so-called comorbidities). These are undoubtedly more complex patients since they often suffer from comorbidities (or other associated diseases), found in more than 80% of cases, in particular represented by sinusitis, gastroesophageal reflux and nasal polyposis. Among the most interesting but at the same time even more worrying results is the low percentage of subjects with controlled asthma (about 40%) and the still too high use of systemic cortisone drugs (in about 30% of cases), despite the current availability of biological drugs that are effective for most patients ".

The initiative travels on social networks

From AAIITO and patient associations comes the appeal on social media to support #donoilmiorespiro. But how do you give a breath? The answer is simple: we can all try to be creative, giving a breath with a performance, a song, a piece of music with an instrument, or even just a short video accompanied by #donoilmiorespiro and tagging @dottoreasmagrave.

An appeal that also relies on the synergy of health, culture and art: the bet, after what happened during the pandemic, is to return to involve those who, for work or passion, want to use art and their ability to generate original and engaging in the service of people suffering from severe asthma.

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