In the gym for health: Medical Fitness at the service of rehabilitation

In the gym for health: Medical Fitness at the service of rehabilitation

Exercise acts as a "medicine" for patients suffering from or at risk of cardiovascular diseases or metabolic problems such as overweight, as long as it is carried out under strict medical supervision.

After an injury, surgery or illness, or for those who want to recover an acceptable physical shape, rehabilitation is everything. Provided it is done wisely, under the watchful eye of capable professionals. It is for this reason that relying on a specialized facility is essential: physical exercise must be carried out under strict medical supervision, on the basis of a personalized program.

In jargon it is called "Medical Fitness", medical fitness: a technique that combines sport with medical monitoring, and which is useful both in treatment and in prevention. Because, if it is true that Medical Fitness has a rehabilitative function, it is equally true that it has been shown to be effective in the treatment of various chronic diseases, preventing the occurrence of related risks.

Hypertension, overweight, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes: medical fitness helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle (or to achieve it), according to the principle that sport is a real medicine, the best medicine. To ensure that it performs its function in the best possible way, however, it is necessary to turn to specialized structures that know how to study individualized programs.

There are numerous pathologies for which physical activity is recommended. In coronary heart disease, for example, adequate physical exercise is carried out under strict medical supervision:

  • increases functional capacity
  • improves the state of well-being and the quality of life
  • reduces the symptoms of the disease
  • decreases risk factors (acting on hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, hypertension, overweight)
  • it can limit the progression of atherosclerotic disease

For those who have undergone significant weight gain over time and are tormented by endless diets that end up in the drawer of dreams, physical activity helps a lot to believe more in themselves to overcome their own difficulties and limitations. But physical activity must always be strictly carried out by a medical control, addressed and controlled over time, to achieve the desired results in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time.

Even those who have undergone cardiovascular surgery, by turning to a specialized medical gym, can undergo an effective and personalized Short and Long Term rehabilitation program. Doing physical activity under medical supervision, in fact, involves an increase in functional capacity and a reduction in blood pressure, in addition to the "normal" benefits of sport: loss of excess pounds and centimeters, decrease in cholesterol and blood sugar levels, maintenance of a strong and healthy body.

In particular, Medical Fitness:

  • decreases the work of the heart and improves vascularity in patients with ischemic heart disease or angina pectoris
  • increases the delivery capacity of the heart pump and improves the supply of oxygen to the muscles in those suffering from heart failure

For physical exercise indicated for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, Abcardio provides a gym equipped with the most sophisticated equipment of the latest generation, the innovative Biocircuit by Technogym with electro-medical CE certification, used in an activity program managed by graduated health personnel with many years of experience.

Medical Fitness- Abcardio

The Technogym Biorcircuit consists of 12 different fully automated electronic machines that automatically adapt to each patient; this, after an accurate cardiological examination, will be subjected to a test on the circuit where it will be followed by a physiotherapist and a cardiologist, the test will indicate a recommended rehabilitation program, this program will be evaluated, then confirmed or corrected / modified by the cardiologist and the nutritionist . The path, because this will be in reality, will involve 12 different machines that will self-calibrate for each patient automatically by reading a particular clock that each patient will have on their wrist: it will last about an hour for 18 sessions to be carried out in two months and during this path, patients will always be followed by a physiotherapist. According to medical indications, cardiological telemetry monitoring can also be arranged, with cutting-edge technologies, the person will be followed at all times by the cardiologist.

Inside the medical gym it is possible to undergo:

  • intensive monthly physical activity programs, under medical supervision
  • annual physical activity programs, under medical supervision

The intensive programs are aimed at those who:

  • suffered a cardiovascular or respiratory infarction
  • he wants to test his respiratory system
  • comes from a rehabilitation program
  • suffer from metabolic diseases for obese or overweight people
  • for those who want to follow a physical rehabilitation path associated with a diet
  • for those of advanced age and want to keep fit

The annual programs are aimed at those who:

  • want to do normal fitness activities but under medical supervision for various reasons
  • it needs a long functional recovery
  • requires a course with a trainer

Abcardio, in Bologna, is therefore an innovative cardiovascular center consisting of an outpatient clinic where professionals perform various clinical, cardiological, vascular, dietary visits and there is also a rehabilitation center.

It is a structure that focuses on the person.

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