In this cake there is an incredible and simple trick: softness of applause

torta cacao

The dough is ready in a few minutes and we don’t have to weigh anything: the 7 glasses cocoa cake is a real pleasure, even for the eyes

If we are used to making cakes with the jar trick, using the glass will be a breeze. We are talking about the glass, the classic plastic cup that we use to drink when we are around

cocoa cake



We will need it to measure some ingredients, such as flour, starch, sugar, milk and oil. A good recipe for everyone, even those who are not very familiar with cakes.

7 glasses cocoa cake, the temperature matters

Glass aside, the great trick of this 7-glass cocoa cake is in the temperature of the ingredients. We must remember to take both the eggs and the milk out of the refrigerator at least 20 minutes before preparing the dough.



2 glasses of 00 flour
2 glasses of granulated sugar
1 glass of potato starch
1 glass of whole milk
3 medium eggs
1 glass of seed oil
80 g unsweetened cocoa powder
30 g butter
1 sachet of vanilla yeast
powdered sugar to taste

Preparation: Cake

We keep the glass and all the ingredients you need within reach, because we will put everything in the bowl in quick succession.
Let’s start from egg: pour them into a bowl together with the two glasses of granulated sugar. Let’s assemble them together with the electric whips until we obtain a well blended and frothy mixture. At that point we add the milk to the mixture and continue to mix with the whisk at medium speed.
In another bowl we sift together flour, vanilla yeast and potato starch. Then one tablespoon at a time add them to the mixture egg and mix well, this time with a silicone spatula to avoid the formation of lumps.

We also add the glass of seed oil and finally the bitter cocoa, also this sieved. We still give a stir always with the spatula to mix everything, the base of ours 7 glasses cocoa cake is ready.
Let’s take a 24 cm mold, possibly with a hinged opening, buttering it well both on the base and on the sides. Then in a veil of flour and we can pour the dough of our cake inside.
We bake in static oven at 180 ° C for 35 minutes about and at the end check the cooking with a toothpick. When it is ready, we remove the cake from the oven and let it cool completely before taking it out of the mold. Let’s sprinkle it with icing sugar and bring to the table: making the slices will be a pleasure.

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