Inclusion in kindergarten: how to best prepare?

Inclusion in kindergarten: how to best prepare?

September is a month of great changes for every child around the age of three: kindergarten is starting!

The inclusion in kindergarten represents an important step for every child, not only because it is the first real separation from mom and dad, but because it involves a radical change in many of his habits of life and corresponds to a real " entry into society ".

Some parents take into consideration the issue of inclusion in kindergarten only when the first day of school arrives: nothing could be more wrong! In reality, the success of the insertion is played much earlier and depends in particular on the relationship between the child and the parent.

As stated by Nicola Tomba, Doctor of Psychological Sciences and specialized in early childhood, it is essential that parents are a 'safe base', that is, able to find a good balance between the child's need to be protected and understood and the need to self-determine. , to explore and connect with others. It is natural that as the first day approaches, parents feel a little apprehension, but it is good to know that emotions such as anxiety or fear pour into the child and therefore it is important to try to be calm and calm in dealing with this moment. Not only with the child, but also with the teacher, who from that day on will become his point of reference.

What can we parents do?

Here are 6 strategic tips to be implemented during the induction period:

  • Take the insertion period seriously and with commitment, dedicating the necessary time to it.
  • Trust the school and encourage the child to trust the educator.
  • Show confidence and positivity, avoiding conveying anxiety and worry.
  • Limit excessive attention.
  • If the baby cries, don't run away without considering him, but stop and talk to him, looking him in the eye and reassuring him.
  • If the child asks for it, leave him an object (a puppet, a bracelet, but also a simple note) that can represent for him the transitional object, or the object to give affection to when he feels melancholy.
  • In addition to these small strategies for a good insertion, the book I go to School of the QUID + series, published by Gribaudo, created in collaboration with Nicola Tomba and Antonella Dogliatti, respectively expert in psychology and kindergarten teacher, contains many tips for start school with serenity!

    You will find that your child's first day of school is often also… yours! So it is quite natural to feel unprepared to manage the moments when the child is frightened by the new situation and the change of habits. With this book we intend to help parents and children to better prepare themselves for this special moment.

    Inside you will also find two beautiful illustrated stories, in which the protagonists, Martaruga and Kolan, are struggling with entering kindergarten: Martaruga has to face the first day of school with new classmates he does not know, while Kolan, while having already started for some time, she is unable to break away from her mother.

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