Inclusiveness and support for families, the keywords of the University of Bergamo

Inclusiveness and support for families, the keywords of the University of Bergamo

The University of Bergamo is among the most prestigious universities in our country and known above all for its support for families and for its inclusiveness. Thanks to the direct relationship with local companies, it guarantees a correct insertion of its students in the world of work and leads them to a profession consistent with the course of studies they have undertaken.

What does inclusiveness mean?

The concept of inclusiveness is – by definition of the vocabulary – the ability to expand the number of people who can enjoy a certain benefit. The University of Bergamo declines this concept at 360 °, as if it were a real life philosophy that guides the university in its choices.

Precisely for this reason, the teaching staff and this institution in general strive daily to ensure all students have access to quality education consistent with their expectations and future prospects. The result-oriented approach led the university to mobilize promptly even during the health emergency of the first part of 2020: despite being in a very affected area, Unibg promptly activated itself in order to digitize all the courses by putting students have the opportunity not to interrupt their training course.

Inclusiveness rhymes with support for families

The desire to ensure the possibility of training at university level for as many students as possible has led the University of Bergamo to create the TOP 10 Student Program. It is a recognition based on the merit of the student that allows you to exempt the family in whole or in part from the contribution of the university tuition.

To give a concrete idea of ​​the real usefulness and use of this initiative, it should be emphasized that, thanks to this program, up to 10% of three-year, master and single-cycle students can benefit from the facility.

Unlike what happens in other universities, it is not necessary to present any kind of documentation as the contribution is assigned by the office thanks to the intervention of the Right to Study Service.

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Who is in the TOP 10 Student Program

New enrolled students can also be included in the TOP 10 Student Program. Families of students recently graduated in Italy or abroad and who wish to attend the University of Bergamo can enjoy the exemption as follows:

  • Total exemption: it is provided for those who have achieved a final mark between 96/100 and 100/100 in the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 school year
  • Exemption equal to 25%: it is valid for those who achieved a mark between 90/100 and 95/100 during the 2018/2019 school year
  • Exemption equal to 10%: it is the official duty of those who have achieved the maturity in the school year 2018/2019 with a mark between 85/100 and 89/100.

Similarly, those who wish to continue their studies through a master's degree course are also included in the beneficiaries: in this case, those who have the prospect of graduating by the end of 2020 and have never gone out of course can enjoy the exemption.

Finally, the University of Bergamo undertakes to also reward sporting merit. In this case, the TOP 10 Student Program prepares the total exemption from the university contribution for students who – simultaneously enrolled in the University and the University Sports Center – are winners of a gold medal at the national university championships or have been awarded a medal at world university championships or at the Universiade.

The University of Bergamo has opened enrollments for the next academic year which is just around the corner, guaranteeing support for young people in carrying out the lessons not in attendance and for families. Those who choose to attend this university decide to become part of a larger plan, of a growth project in which UNIBG has put students at the center with their needs, ambitions and hopes for the future.

In collaboration with the University of Bergamo

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