Indian diet with spices and fiber: you lose weight and break down your blood sugar

Indian diet with spices and fiber: you lose weight and break down your blood sugar

With the Indian diet you lose up to 4 kg in a few weeks, thanks to spices, fiber and dishes that excite the palate

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The Indian diet is the ideal way to get back in shape, thanks to spices and fibers, which help us lose weight and fight high blood sugar.

This diet is inspired by Indian cuisine, based on simple foods, flavored with spices. Cardamom, cinnamon, curry, cayenne pepper and saffron are the secret to making every dish tasty, but also to burn calories and boost metabolism. In fact, these ingredients act on our body, giving us a sense of immediate satiety and increasing body temperature to promote weight loss. Not only: the spices also allow to control the glycemic peaks and lower the high blood sugar.

The result? The Indian diet allows you to lose up to 4 kg in a few weeks, eating tasty dishes, without weighing food and limiting quantities. All this because you will not feel the sensation of hunger and you will feel full after a few bites.

How does the Indian diet work? The main food of this food scheme is undoubtedly rice, which is served with vegetables. As for the vegetables, there is the embarrassment of the choice, even if in this diet it is better to opt for those that have detox properties like carrots, onions, celery, courgettes, fennel and pumpkin.

Each dish should be seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a little lemon juice and lots of spices to taste. The Indian diet also includes the consumption of fish and lean meat, which should never be served together with rice but with vegetables. Every day remember to drink at least two liters of water, even taking it in the form of herbal teas and tea.

The Indian diet is an excellent opportunity to try flavors out of the ordinary. For example you can try curry chicken, accompanied by crunchy apples, pakora, chickpea and vegetable fritters, rice with spicy sauce and vegetables or biryani.

The day begins with a cup of green tea, a yogurt and a fruit salad. For lunch, enjoy basmati rice with vegetables and saffron, while at dinner, opt for spicy chicken nuggets. As always before following this diet, we advise you to contact your doctor to find out if it is the right diet for you and your needs.

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