Indigestion headache, because headaches are triggered when you eat too much

Indigestion headache, because headaches are triggered when you eat too much

This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains the mechanisms that trigger headaches when indigestion occurs

Why can headaches appear when you eat too much, even if you don't have any particular stomach upset? In reality, this "geographical" discrepancy between the part of the body affected by a disorder and the manifestation of a pain, does not manifest itself only with indigestion headache.

The mechanisms of headache

In fact, it is necessary to understand that there are mechanisms that sometimes lead to having pain far from the place where it is generated. There are anatomical reasons that may partly explain the dislocation of pain. It should also be remembered the reflected pain, to be found in the plot of nervous threads that go up towards the brain and sometimes fold in on themselves or intertwine with other nerves that are normally responsible for the sensitivity of a certain area of ​​the body at the time of entry spinal cord. It creates a kind of confusion along the roads of the painful sensation.

Finally, misidentifications can arise because a pathological condition stimulates the production of substances capable of triggering pain elsewhere. And here we come to the answer. In fact, this is the genesis of headaches in those who have eaten too much and have indigestion or perhaps have a viral infection.

What happens if indigestion occurs

In the early stages of a viral infection, the body reacts by triggering inflammation that causes the production of chemical mediators capable of stimulating the sensation of headache. Something similar also happens in the case of indigestion, when the excessive work to which the stomach is subjected, which perhaps does not feel any discomfort, releases compounds that generate headaches. Headache in general often does not originate in the skull, that of indigestion is just a case.

For this reason, headache should not be considered an exclusively chemical element. So always pay attention if symptoms appear. Obviously, if they are transient and related to a situation that you already know, as in the case of indigestion, you can rest easy and deal with the symptom until it passes. But when they last over time, a doctor's opinion is always required.

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