Influencer over 80, Licia Fertz: “The Net, my rebirth”

275843«My followers are of all ages, especially young people. It was a surprise. I often organize meetings with some of them and over an aperitif we exchange experiences. I consider them like so many grandchildren. They gave my life meaning which now seemed meaningless. ” Licia Fertz is one of the most followed Italian influencers of the third age. “It’s a definition that I don’t like very much. It gives the idea of ​​women in disarmament while me I feel full of life and the desire to give my enthusiasm ».
At the dawn of 93, Licia reinvented herself, thanks to an unusual “therapy of good” experimented by her nephew.

How did this new journey begin?

When I lost my husband, I thought I had closed my life cycle, I felt useless, I didn’t want to do anything. I also refused the help of my loved ones. So Emanuele, my nephew, found the formula to make me react. He said he needed me to try out a camera. I couldn’t hold back and this game has started which has revolutionized my life. My followers have become part of my family, I’m never alone, I feel I can give a lot.

What do they ask of you?

The very young are the most curious. They ask me for everything, even advice on love. Yes, at my age we can still talk about love. Recently a girl wrote to me that she was torn between her boyfriend, a bright and funny but not very reliable guy, and a less lively suitor, a serious guy who conveyed confidence.

And what did you recommend?

I told her to compare them but also to find a third. There is no shortage of men, just look around, those who seek will find. After a while she wrote me that she was satisfied. Maybe she has found a new love. I suggest to young people not to skip ahead, not to be influenced by trends, to be themselves. Simplicity is the best thing. They also ask me for advice on diets.

Do you follow a particular diet?

Never calculate the calories at the table. I eat what the body asks of me. I have a good relationship with food. If I like a dessert, I won’t give it up. Some then ask me about aesthetic interventions.

Did you make any adjustments?

No, I would no longer be Licia Fertz. This does not mean that I am against taking off some wrinkles. If it makes her feel better, why not.

Has anyone criticized it?

There are those who have not approved some of my photos in a bathing suit. But I am like that, I like to spontaneously show every moment of my life, should I be ashamed because I no longer have the body of my twenties? Indeed, by doing so, I have restored confidence and security to many older women. There are young people who thank me because I colored the life of their mothers who had let themselves go and rediscovered the hairdresser, the taste of being seductive and, why not, the game of desire.

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