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234989Many have discovered Federica Accio during the lockdown and fell in love with hers gymnasticthe method of work out who studied to keep fit. She has a degree in sports science, she has worked in many gyms but also in rehabilitation and, thanks to her experience in the field, she has developed a training for lose weight without repetitions to exhaustion which, precisely because it has a low impact, is also very good versus there cellulite.

A philosophy of well-being that he also illustrates in his book, just published, Fit with Faith (HarperCollins, € 14.90; ebook € 6.99).

Federica, tell us what gymnastics is and why it is good for women’s bodies.

It is an ally of feeling good with themselves. Suitable for all, but above all for those I call “Anti-pupil”, who would never set foot in the gym or live it as a duty (you can find out if you are too with the test you find at the end of the article). We can lose weight And tone up without exasperating physical activity which, as WHO studies claim, lowers the immune system. We must instead listen and accept our body, without chasing performance at all costs or a perfect physique. So if our legs are not exactly like a gazelle, we can aim, for example, to enhance the B side more.

So what is the best way to train?

Choosing the right exercises and taking advantage of the recovery. With the right breaks, which everyone adjusts according to their fitness level but also to the day, even a “strong” workout becomes “sweet”. The programs I propose are modular circuits, from 25 to 45 minutes. They are based on the rule of 3: low impact cardiovascular training such as walk, also alternating with running, to stimulate circulation and oxygenate the cells while maintaining a low heart rate; bodyweight or light weight toning and final stretching. As indicated by WHO experts on ideal training. To vary the cardio phase, that’s fine too dance a quarter of an hour on your favorite music.

You were talking about right exercises …

Yes, for example for streamline thighs and buttocks I suggest the jumbo squat, the variant with legs much more apart than the shoulders and with the toes pointing outwards. While, just to avoid that the muscles “swell”, I do not recommend squat with jump or with the barbell on the shoulders. Then pay attention to the abdominal muscleswhich risk becoming “collominal”: they must be performed by crossing the hands to support the base of the head, elbows closed, look down.

And for cellulite?

What is really needed, as the experts confirm, is an activity that oxygenates the muscles without overloading. Otherwise they become inflamed, release toxic substances and the body reacts by activating cortisol, the stress hormone that promotes water retention. So I reiterate the benefits of walking outdoors and stretching. For stimulate venous return it is also necessary to lean the legs against the wall, elongated and perpendicular to the floor, and then flex and stretch, alternating, the ankles. An exercise that I call “brum-brum”, because it simulates the movement of the foot on the accelerator.


To find out if gymnastic is for you, answer Federica’s questions. You can find the full version of the test in the book Fit with Faith

1. You have an hour available, what do you choose between:

A) Run to the park

B) A shopping trip downtown

C) A walk in the countryside, with toning exercises. And then a tea with biscuits …

2. What formula do you prefer for your daily workouts?

A) YouTube videos because they’re free and I love the instructor’s six pack abs

B) I have a subscription to the WOWest gym in my city, but I have never attended it … Sooner or later I will start

C) I would like to find a workout to do at home, easy and fun … Does it exist?

3. What do you think when you look in the mirror?

A) I want to fit in a size 38 pair of pants.

B) I would like to be more toned, but I’m too lazy to do it!

C) Kiulo at the top without suffering.

4. How long do you think it takes you to lose 5 kg?

A) A friend of mine lost them in 2 weeks on a super detox diet, although now I see her very tired and nervous.

B) I don’t think I’ll ever lose them even though it would be nice to do it no matter how long it takes.

C) It depends on many factors (age, degree of training, genes …). Each of us has our own times, but what matters is the result.

5. After training usually …

A) I have pains everywhere, as if I had walked on hot coals. But I’m happy

B) I usually practice divaning, but I have constant back pain

C) I feel a few pains, but only when I do a new exercise, otherwise I am zuper energetic!


PREVALENCE A The gym is your place of the heart and you are determined to achieve the result you have set for yourself, at any cost. I mean, I don’t think you could ever utter the phrase “I hate the gym!”. However, if one day you want to take a walk across the street, you may discover a world of fun.

PREVALENCE B You are a born lazy girl. You hate to struggle and can’t believe that with little sacrifice and a lot of consistency you can get amazing results. I see in you the characteristics of a future anti-pupil. You just have to believe in yourself more.

HEAD C You are already an anti-pupil and are probably training with gymnastics. If not, I want to give you some good news: the right workout for you exists. It includes: lots of laughter, seriousness enough, low impact training every day.

Article published on n. 18 of TipsForWomens, on newsstands and in the app from 26 May 2020

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