Innate class for Serena Autieri who shows herself as chic as a sip of cream

When you think of the professionals of the Italian show business, the beautiful and talented Serena Autieri also immediately comes to mind. Her style, then, timeless and never excessive, is another reason why the public loves her so much. Let’s copy her cream outfit.

In a world where the news now seems to be only half-naked bodies and various betrayals, people of another level are appreciated even more. Serena Autieri at the Laura Biagiotti spring summer 2023 fashion show at the Campidoglio showed herself with an elegant and feminine outfit that is good for any age and which, of course, does not go unnoticed.

In cream Serena Autieri 16-9-22

Source: Canva.

Let’s find out how to copy Serena Autieri’s cream-colored charm on a low budget.

It’s never too early for a woman’s style: let’s be inspired by Serena Autieri

The pleated skirt is good for long-limbed bodies and is also perfect for those with “curves at the right point” but should be avoided for those who are decidedly curvy because in addition to not enhancing the body, it will make it appear shapeless, further widening the hips. Better then other models of long skirts (but also of midi length) that enhance how we are.

Serena autieri total look cream 16-9-22

Source: Instagram.

For those who intend to buy, here is the proposal of The Redoute Collection, discounted by 10% to 50.39 euros. The long pleated skirt looks ideal for the day and is in a cool pale yellow which, at this time, should be paired with a slim fit white tank top with a masculine cut and a blue denim jacket.

Max Mara Leisure has created a white pleated skirt that can take on a rock mood if worn with black combat boots and a casual eighties sweater or remain pure and worn with a silk blouse and a coordinated jacket like our today’s VIP. Also available in blue, black and olive green, it costs 129.99 euros on Zalando.

Pink pleated skirt 16-9-22.

Source: Pinterest.

Changing color, there is Marella that focuses on beige laminated jersey and a flared line with elastic waistband. This type requires a high heel and, given the still hot days, you could take advantage of the sandals bought on vacation. The price is 149 euros.

Also in the spring of 2023, therefore, the white trend of which we have seen the shades in the must-have garments for the upcoming autumn is confirmed as one of the best solutions for everyday outfits.

Silvia Zanchi