Insomnia: this technique will make you fall asleep in 60 seconds

Have you experienced countless sleep tricks but insomnia haunts you? From the USA comes a new breathing technique that guarantees rapid sleep

Lack of sleep, health hazards

When it comes to insomnia, the tricks to sleep are wasted: from the traditional count of sheep to the warm evening bath, up to the relaxing herbal tea. The problem is that once in bed there is nothing to do: even the shadow of Morpheus and you find yourself rolling in bed for hours and hours, until dawn comes. However, a scientist from the Harvard University of the United States, Andrew Weill, would have discovered a foolproof technique that allows you to doze off within a minute and thus say goodbye to insomnia.

This is the "4-7-8" breathing technique and according to the expert it would act as a natural tranquilizer, capable of reducing the tensions of the body and nervous system. But what does this sleep trick consist of? First of all it is necessary to exhale through the mouth completely and then to inhale slowly through the nose, counting up to 4. At this point it is necessary to hold the breath counting up to 7 and then exhale completely from the mouth for a total of 8 seconds. The same breathing cycle must be repeated three more times. This simple exercise, which requires no additional equipment, will prove to be a valuable ally against insomnia.

This particular technique derives from pranayama, a very ancient practice of Indian origin whose name means "rhythmic control of the breath" and which allows oxygen to reach the lungs at best. In this way, a deep sense of relaxation is transmitted to the parasympathetic nervous system, which generates a state of total calm on the body. In fact, when you are stressed, the nervous system is overstimulated and this can lead to sleep loss. The breathing technique "4-7-8" is an excellent sleep trick that allows those who use it to drive away the negative thoughts accumulated during the day and to feel in greater connection with their body.

Many satisfied people have returned to sleep peacefully after experimenting with this technique. In addition, it can also be useful for alleviating states of anxiety, another cause of insomnia. In order to make it effective and achieve satisfactory results, Dr. Weill recommended to practice "4-7-8" twice a day for at least about 8 weeks. After this time it will be possible to fall asleep in just 60 seconds.

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