Inspector Montalbano, why and with whom does Livia betray in the Catalanotti Method

Luca Zingaretti: "Everything is called into question". Montalbano loses control due to a woman, played by Greta Scarano

Commissioner Montalbano, played by Luca Zingaretti, returns to Rai 1 in prime time on Monday 8 March with a new episode, Il Metodo Catalanotti, and promises to upset every certainty we were used to, also questioning the ten-year relationship with Livia that has the face of Sonia Bergamaschi.

Luca Zingaretti, who also took over directing after the death of Alberto Sironi, recounted the episode as follows: "In The Catalanotti Method, the third last novel in the saga, there are all the themes dear to Camilleri. Love, which moves the world, sex, horns, but also
the theater with the eternal Pirandello dilemma of splitting the ego and whether reality or fantasy is truer, old age and its eternal attempt to seize youth, tragedy and the "tragedy" of Sicilian culture ".

But above all the episode marks a breaking point for Montalbano. “Here everything is called into question”, continues Zingaretti, “the biggest news is the loss of control of the Commissioner overwhelmed by the passion for a young colleague. Salvo had accustomed us to a few but very firm points: love for his work, devotion to Livia, essential attachment to her land ". Indeed, Montalbano "is willing to leave everything and everyone in order to enjoy the closeness and love of a girl played by the splendid Greta Scarano".

Therefore, the relationship with Livia is compromised by the entry into his life of another woman, Antonia Nicoletti, a colleague played by Greta Scarano. Montalbano is so attracted to her that he is willing to give up everything for her, including love for Livia, who until now has been the woman of his life.

Great responsibility therefore for Antonia, alias Greta Scarano who writes from her Instagram profile: "It was an incredible honor to be part of the last episode of Commissioner Montalbano with a wonderful @lucazingarettiofficial both as a colleague and as a director, without forgetting the historic director Alberto Sironi ♥ ️ congratulations to all the cast, crew and production for being able to give life to Andrea Camilleri's extraordinary vision during these twenty years ”.

In this last episode, shot between Ragusa and Agrigento, alongside Luca Zingaretti and Greta Scarano, we find the close-knit group of actors who made Montalbano a real cult over the years: Cesare Bocci in the role of Mimì Augello, Peppino Mazzotta in those of Fazio, Angelo Russo in the role of agent Catarella and the participation of Sonia Bergamasco in the role of Livia, Salvo's eternal girlfriend.

This is the plot of Inspector Montalbano – The Catalanotti Method: In the new chapter of investigations, the inspector and his men are called to shed light on the murder of a man, killed with a stab in the chest. Everything seems to lead to usury, but too many things
they don't come back. To get to grips with the tangle of clues and bring the guilty to justice, Salvo will have to go beyond appearances and investigate the folds of the deceased's life and his "obsessions" for theater and tragic art.

The Catalanotti method should be the final episode of the famous fiction, taken from the novels of Antonio Camilleri, even if the producer Carlo Degli Esposti has left open the possibility that at the end of the pandemic another episode will be shot, to give Commissioner Montalbano a worthy conclusion, as reported by Davide Maggio.

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