Interactive exercises to learn by playing

Interactive exercises to learn by playing

Interactive Drag & Drop exercises to reorder numbers, letters and words: learn by playing

The interactive exercises and in particular the Drag & Drop exercises allow even the youngest to learn while having fun, dragging numbers and letters to rearrange and complete the sequences.

Gamification: learning by playing

Gamification can engage students by making them feel fun and by encouraging active participation in study through play. The playful component facilitates understanding and stimulates virtuous behavior. The game makes experiences that are not normally rewarding, because they are complex or lacking in obvious usefulness, more bearable.

The student no longer behaves as a passive user but becomes an active player in the learning process. Gamification provides goals to achieve, levels to progress, offers the opportunity to compete with others, share their successes and get rewards. Gamification is based on the classic dynamics of the game, the basic elements of which are points, levels, prizes and trophies.

The platform offers children and young people many resources to learn and test their knowledge of mathematics, Italian and English, through interactive and fun exercises, just like in an online game. Each exercise is available in three difficulty levels, in multiple choice, open answer and true or false modes. Thanks to immediate feedback and explanation, the students will be able to understand the procedure behind the exercise, retry the answer and identify the topics to review. Correct exercises accumulate points, which push up the national, school and class rankings. With the accumulated points you buy the Avatars and with the level passes you earn the Diplomas.

The new interactive Drag & Drop exercises

Redooc has recently introduced a new type of exercises: Drag & Drop exercises. Students will have to rearrange the elements of a sentence, word or sequence by dragging the "tiles" into the correct order. Furthermore, children will be asked to complete the answer by identifying the missing element and dragging it to the correct position.

The new Drag & Drop exercises are also designed for students with SLD, who will be able to learn more easily thanks to the use of compensatory tools. The Drag & Drop exercises will allow to overcome the difficulties of SLD students in recognizing elements such as syllables and numbers, fundamental in writing and calculations.

The new Drag & Drop feature is available for the Primary School section in the introductory lessons on sentences and syllables. In addition, the Drag & Drop exercises are also available in the lessons in the English section for Primary School. But it doesn't stop there! Soon, the Drag & Drop functionality will also be available for Kindergarten, for lessons on letters and numbers. Even the little ones can learn while having fun dragging and rearranging the elements and learning the basic concepts such as major and minor and the ordering of letters for the formation of words.

Discover the power of gamification in learning processes. Discover the new Drag & Drop exercises and many other learning tools such as the equivalence bar and multiplication table to learn the multiplication tables.

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