Intestinal bacterial flora, liver protector: what to eat

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Bacterial flora protects the liver: here's how to improve it thanks to the right diet

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A scientific study shows, once again, the importance of the intestinal bacterial flora, considered to be the protector of the liver.

For years now scientists have been agreeing that the intestine represents our "second brain". In this organ, essential for the well-being of the body, there are many nerve cells and it is precisely here that the tensions, stress and anxiety that we accumulate day after day nest. This is why it is important to take care of the intestine starting from food.

In fact, it is above all what we eat that determines its health. A balanced diet and the right foods can help us improve the intestinal bacterial flora, protecting the liver, protecting us from diseases and many other problems, such as constipation and swelling, a symptom that something in our body is not working properly.

First of all, it is important to limit the consumption of animal fats and proteins. In fact, these foods favor the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine, bringing an imbalance in the bacterial flora and causing, over time, also quite serious chronic diseases. Among the bad habits that can negatively affect the bacterial flora we find in addition coffee and smoke, especially if added to foods rich in sugar, fried or accompanied by sauces.

Better to opt for "bowel-friendly" foods such as whole grains, seasonal vegetables and legumes, rich in fiber and good fats. Fruit, yogurt, chocolate and blue fish are also excellent. Experts alternatively recommend white meat, especially chicken or turkey. Do not forget to consume a lot of water, to purify the intestine and improve its motility.

Finally, an excellent remedy to improve bacterial flora is physical activity. Exercising every day and practicing a sport allows you to eliminate excess waste and toxins, keeping the intestine healthier and healthier.

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