Intimate ailments? The gynecologist answers in chat

Intimate ailments? The gynecologist answers in chat

The new free service made available by Bayer for women who need answers on problems related to their intimate health

Those with white hair will remember the "friend" voice. Before the advent of the internet, when you wanted to find useful advice for well-being, sometimes you would call over the phone to hear someone who could help us. Today, in the age of the web and social media, everything is more tremendously fast. But there is always the need to have authoritative opinions on small intimate health problems, from vaginal discharge, the causes of which we may not know well, to possible problems related to the cycle or menopause. And this is precisely the “mission” of Gyno-Chat, a completely free service for all women looking for reliable answers on women's intimate health, available on Bayer's “” portal. Thanks to a technology capable of guaranteeing maximum confidentiality, every woman can come into contact and converse with a professional gynecologist, obtaining an answer in less than two minutes. The chat is active every day from 16.00 to 20.00.

Small problems to know

Symptoms related to intimate problems can vary. And they must be known and faced in the right way. For this reason, the advice of the expert is essential. Just think of vaginitis, which is an inflammation of the vaginal mucosa that can have different origins. In some cases it is an infectious form, linked to the reproduction of bacteria, fungi or viruses, in others it follows a trauma, perhaps also linked to excessively tight pants, or even to chemicals present in vaginal douches used in excess or by allergy, in the case of candida infection, one of the most frequent conditions, white discharge appears, odorless and resembling cottage cheese, which are accompanied by itching and redness. The advice of the expert, in these cases, is essential, when obviously the disturbance is occasional and lasts for a short time. But having a "friendly voice" and above all prepared to help us, as proposed by Gyno-Chat, is not only useful for such specific cases. If you encounter the classic premenstrual syndrome or if you regularly experience dysmenorrhea, or the classic pain in the period of the cycle, once the gynecologist has ascertained that there are no organic problems to explain the situation it is necessary, month after month, to deal with it. And maybe, from time to time, having the support of an expert via chat can help, especially in very young girls because menstrual pain tends to lessen by itself (it is not a fixed rule) with age. The pain, very intense, arises from uterine contractions and can be worsened by the lack of blood and therefore of oxygen typical of the menstrual period. The discomfort often occurs as cramps, or is constant: it begins in the lower abdomen but can radiate to the legs or even to the back. Living the situation without excessive stress, which obviously amplify the pain, is essential. And having a gynecologist available who calms us down and offers us simple advice, even just via chat, means being able to better deal with this and many other problems related to female intimacy such as cystitis: drink at least two liters of water a day, avoid the use of aggressive vaginal cleansers, do not use antibiotics unless prescribed by the doctor, follow the well-being of the intestinal microbiota means laying a basis to counteract the appearance of the picture. And if an expert advises us on what to do in time of need, even just via chat, we will be more ready to overcome small disturbances, thanks to information and knowledge.

What does Gyno-Chat offer

Through Gyno-Chat every woman can have a consultation on intimate health that does not require a medical prescription, personalized and confidential, and in any case not a substitute for a medical examination in presence. The service aims to meet the needs of women, at a particular time when the search for online health information continues to grow and the lockdown has highlighted the importance of being able to remotely access health services and correct content. In the chats it will also be possible to share your documents, in full respect of privacy, and to use a personal medical archive that can be consulted at any time. The expert gynecologists will give immediate answers and it is also possible to independently choose who to chat with from the list available. Gyno-Chat is just the latest of the integrated services available on, the Bayer portal of reference for millions of Italians on the issues of wellness and health and today increasingly feature-rich that can be accessed easily from a single website.

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