#IoPensopositivo: a project to teach children to manage their finances (today and tomorrow)

#IoPensopositivo: a project to teach children to manage their finances (today and tomorrow)

The training course is in its second edition and aims to involve more and more young people: here are all the details

Learning the art of saving, learning the techniques related to the domestic economy or the solutions to better manage one's money: these are the objectives of the training course promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development and Unioncamere, in collaboration with the Programming Committee and the coordination of financial education activities.

The path is called #IoPensoPositivo and is aimed at children who attend the last three years of upper secondary school. The activities are conducted completely online and aim to train students in an engaging way, thanks to the use of innovative solutions: from gamification to graphic motion.

#IoPensoPositivo: the details of the project

#IOPENSOPOSITIVE – Educating for finance was born in 2019 with the aim of disseminating financial knowledge to children attending upper secondary schools in Italy.

Often these issues are considered boring and unattractive for children; in reality they are full of opportunities and prove to be important for their future: they allow you to independently manage economic resources, first to take away some whim, such as a trip or an evening with friends, then instead they allow you to make investments with greater awareness more expensive, related to adulthood, such as buying a car or a house.

Numbers and results of the first edition

The 2019 edition has already had a huge success: it involved 1,000 students who enrolled in the online platform and 130 schools from all over Italy.

The young people attended 521 hours of e-learning lessons and at the end 26 certificates of completion of the course were issued, with a completion rate of 26%.

In addition, 20 winning students of the training course were decreed, of which 16 participated in the Winter School, a three-day event that took place in Rome, where the students were able to meet, explore particular issues and propose their own ideas.

For the 2020 edition, the organizers are determined to replicate, indeed improve, these results.

How to participate in #IoPensoPositivo 2020

The training course is held completely online and can be used both from desktop and from mobile to all students attending the last three years of upper secondary school, therefore between the ages of 15 and 18.

This is a crucial moment in life: the boy is approaching that phase in which he has to independently manage his economic resources, such as his first salary or his savings. Having the information and tools to best deal with these situations is essential.

To follow the lessons, you must register on the iopensopositivo.eu platform and participate in the game. Yes, the training course allows you to learn thanks to gamification, an engaging and fun solution to learn new skills.

The course is divided into 10 modules, where various topics are addressed: from financial independence, to online purchases, to traditional and innovative payment tools, up to microcredit and banking and financial products.

These and other themes are managed through video in graphic animation and accompanied by in-depth notes. At the end of each module, the student has to test their skills through a test and thus move on to the next topic.

Whoever manages to complete the first 6 modules first receives the Entry Level certificate of participation, whoever finishes all the modules gets the Advanced Level.

Thanks to the results of the tests, a ranking is drawn up: the first 3 students with the highest score are awarded a final prize.

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