Iron deficiency anemia: how to recognize it and fight it at the table

Iron deficiency anemia: how to recognize it and fight it at the table

Iron anemia: who affects it most often, how to recognize it and learn to prevent it, especially at the table.

Iron anemia, or iron deficiency anemia (from the Latin sideros = iron and penia = poverty) indicates that condition in which the body does not have adequate levels of iron and this compromises the transport of oxygen through the blood causing tiredness, fatigue and shortness of breath.

Typical symptoms are paleness, heart palpitations (palpitations), dyspnea on exertion, but skin lesions and brittleness of the nails may also be present.

Iron deficiency anemia is widespread especially among the elderly, but it can also affect young people.

When do we talk about anemia? Assuming that a correct assessment must always be made by the doctor, with iron deficiency anemia there is a decrease in the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. The parameter is expressed in grams per deciliter: anemic is a woman of childbearing age with hemoglobin less than 11.5 or 11 per deciliter of blood while for a male the value is higher.

But a lowering of iron values ​​in the blood may not be sufficient to indicate the origin of the deficiency. Transferrin, a substance that is associated with iron in the stomach and allows it to pass from the digestive system to the blood, must also be evaluated. And ferritin, to which iron binds to be deposited in the body.

The treatments must always be indicated by the doctor, but at the table there are useful habits to refuel iron: spinach, parsley, legumes, eggs are all foods that contain it, even if the mineral through these foods is only minimally assimilated. The situation changes with meat, which allows for better absorption of iron.

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