Ironing linen clothes will no longer be a nightmare: here are the golden rules!

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Do you want to iron your linen clothes to perfection but can’t? This is because you don’t know the golden rules! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will show you how to work linen fabrics to perfection!

In the summer ours outfit always rely on the basis of few key concepts: comfort and lightness! Everything we wear must be comfortable even during the hottest hot days. However, there is a fabric that in summer is the best to use but that needs to be ironed: linen! How can you use fresh linen looks without having to iron first?

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Summer outfits are increasingly difficult to make because they have to include many features: comfort, style and lightness!

In fact, we wake up in the morning and start thinking: I want a look that makes me feel comfortable, stylish, but that is light in order to survive the sultry heat of every day.

There is one particular fabric that simply answers all of these three questions. Which? Flax!

In fact, this fabric from a natural fiber is light, easy to use and super chic!

But like everything in life here is the flip side of the coin: linen wrinkles easily and ironing this fabric is very difficult!

In fact, you have often avoided using linen outfits to avoid having to find yourself on August 15th with the infernal heat having to turn on the iron to remove those terrible creases on your clothes.

From today everything will change and you can enjoy your linen outfits without worries, because we are about to discover theand golden rules for maintaining and ironing linen!

To iron linen clothes in the summer it takes a few simple tricks! Follow them perfectly and create your trés chic linen look!

Choosing linen as the fabric of our looks is not only a stylistic choice but also an environmental one, as it is a completely natural fiber and the production of this has a very low environmental impact. One more reason to create all-linen outfits!

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see the golden rules for ironing linen clothes:

  • first step: perform the wash correctly. In all ways, avoid washing linen at high temperatures and with the spin speed at maximum. High temperatures will make the natural fabric shrink, the centrifuge will create creases on the fabric that will be difficult to remove.
  • second step: hang out on crutches. Once our linen clothes have been washed, they need to be spread out. How? Take them, open them with your hands as if to iron them, place them with hangers and let them dry in the shade. With the weight of the water the clothes will stretch on their own and if you avoid contact with the sun the colors of your garments will always remain bright. Remember: the sun discolors and turns yellow, so pay attention.
  • third step: ironing. Once our garments are dry we have two alternatives: iron them or not iron them. Linen is a fabric that is naturally wrinkled, so if the folds are not excessive we can wear it without ironing it. With the heat of the body the small folds left will go away. If on the other hand, despite everything, our linen dresses are still too wrinkled, let’s iron them, but with care. We slightly wet the folds and iron using steam.
  • fourth step: put the clothes back in the wardrobe. If we have washed them perfectly, ironed them and then put our linen garments in the overflowing wardrobe it will be very likely that all our work will vanish, as it will wrinkle everything again. So we find a place to store our linen clothes that does not make the fabric crease. By doing so we will always have perfect and ready-to-use garments! By the way, Jennifer Lopez got married! Let’s celebrate her by retracing the most IN looks of her!

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We have seen all the tricks to better manage our linen garments! Now we just have to do what we absolutely love: creating the trendiest looks of the moment, perhaps with linen fabric!

To the next style guide, to know all the secrets of fashion!

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