Is home birth safe? The risks you can run

Is home birth safe? The risks you can run

The choice to make when a child is born is important: home birth is possible, but what risks can you take? There are pros and cons

In Italy, home birth is not a very customary choice, but seems to belong more to some realities across the border in the show business and “vip” mothers.
In any case it seems that compared to a few years ago, the trend is going towards a slight growth even among the mothers of the boot.
It is necessary to understand whether doing it at home helps you feel less pain or the weight of childbirth, and what the consequences may be if there are problems during birth without a health facility ready to intervene.

Meanwhile, it is worth pointing out that if the choice of location for the birth is one's own home, communicating the decision to the doctor in the right time, it is possible to have all that is needed to make it as close as possible to the one within the a health facility.
This is possible because there will be a team of midwives ready to follow every phase of the birth, and it is also possible to do it in the water. Furthermore, experts claim that everything happens naturally, even the epidural is not necessary because everything will take place as nature wants it to be.

The main doubt of many mothers is whether there are risks in choosing to give birth at home rather than in a hospital equipped and prepared for any eventuality.
In reality, midwives who have a lot of experience on their shoulders say that there is no reason to worry about choosing their home to give birth to a child, because there are no higher risks.
It is important to first make the clinical picture of the pregnant woman, to make sure that there are no previous pathologies or particular problems that arose during pregnancy.
If everything goes smoothly to the end, you can safely proceed with home birth.

There are also advantages, the first is that the future mother will be much more relaxed in her environment, with the comfort of her own space and the privacy she needs.
Then he will not suffer the stress of waiting to go home with his child because they are already there.
The phases for the choice of home birth, plan to talk about it in advance with your doctor and with a midwife to decide together the times and how to move, an interview with the staff of hospital structures is also recommended.
Important to have available:
rubber mats to protect the floor, plenty of towels and even sheets. As far as the environment is concerned, the use of candles and music could be recommended, and photographs or paintings that are highly appreciated can be kept around, to help relaxation and tranquility.

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