Is the cake not rising? Here’s where you go wrong

The perfect dessert may not exist, but the tricks to cook it do: when the cake doesn’t rise, we are surely doing something wrong

The recipe is one that we have often tried, or that we have found on our own favorite site . The ingredients are the right ones, we also worked it in the correct way by following all the steps. Then we stick it in oven and the drama starts: it doesn’t leaven!
A disaster, especially for the time we dedicated to it and because we needed it, for a thousand reasons. But now we have to fix the disaster and it’s not always easy if we don’t know how to proceed. In reality, however, the remedies are easier than we imagine: just pay a little attention to certain moves and, if necessary, adopt the recovery strategy.



One of the first details from care is the temperature of the ingredients which we will use for our cake. If we need butter, milk, yoghurt but above all eggs, never cold from the refrigerator: let’s remember to take them out at least half an hour beforehand, otherwise the perfect crime will be served.
Another easy remedy is over time. When the dough of the cake or of sweet we want to prepare is ready, let’s not wait any longer to pour it into the pan and put it in the oven. If we leave too much time to pass, the consequence will be to activate the yeast immediately even before cooking. So he wouldn’t have the right strength to lift the cake and goodbye, a good impression. For this, a maximum of ten minutes of waiting, then we absolutely bake.

The tricks for a perfect cake in the oven, the temperature matters

However, this is only a part of the work and therefore of the possible problems. When the cake does not grow in the oven, why not think that the problem is… the oven? In many of our recipes you will find instructions to preheat it when it is in a static function.
But be careful not to overdo it: the maximum temperature must be set at 180° and no more. Attention, we are talking about when we heat the oven, not when we have to cook the dessert.

But if we put it in the oven at an already too high temperature, all we will get is to make the dough rise quickly and then it will collapse.
At this point, however, the remedies are also triggered, let’s say the tricks to avoid any problem. And the main one is in the ingredients. We have already talked about the temperature but there is also something else: if flour is used, any type of flour, always sift it perfectly and not just to prevent lumps from forming. Above all, however, we always try to make homogeneous movements to incorporate the ingredients and always in the same direction.