Is the mistake you always make is blushing badly? We reveal a top trick!

Making no mistake in blending the blush is really essential to obtain a natural and homogeneous effect. It’s not always easy, so learn a pro trick.

To be applied to perfection the blush must be of the right color, harmonious both with the color of our complexion and with yours subdued.

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This therefore means that who has a warm undertone should mainly use beige and peach blush, that allow to enhance the golden shades of the complexion.

Conversely, those who have skin with a cold undertone should necessarily opt for pink blushes with a more or less intense color.

The area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is also of strategic importance. To be sure not to make a mistake, you should apply on the cheekbone area, that is, the one that moves and becomes round as we smile, and it should be slightly pulled towards the temples.

Those with a round face should apply the blush slightly lower than those with an oval or square face.

In this way you will underline and color your own the area that blushes when we are embarrassed or when we are fatigued.

Having said that, however, how do you blend the blush?

Blending blush without errors is a question of method!

As we know there are blushes in different formats: the most common of all is the powder blush but they are also very popular and appreciated i cream blush.

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The former ensure a matte finish and a very natural effect. The latter, on the other hand, allow you to create a brighter effect and give the impression of a more hydrated and youthful skin.

Finally, the possibility of use a creamy lipstick as a travel cream blush! These products are highly pigmented, easy to transport, to dose, to apply and to spread.

Being so different from each other, these products need to be applied and blended in a very different way.

For applying and blending powder eyeshadows a medium-sized brush with soft bristles and round section.

You will have to start with a small touch of color in the center of the cheek, that is where the small “apple of the smile” is formed, then you will have to proceed with circular movements on the cheek e horizontal towards the ear.

The secret isapply as little product as possible at a time, so that more can always be added if it is not enough.

For what concern cream blush the best method of application of all is touse your fingertips, that allow you to have maximum control over the product thanks to the heat generated by the fingers.

Better though apply the crescent blush, that is, on the whole part where we want to apply it, not only in the center of the cheek. The reason is that it is a little more difficult to distribute than the powdered product, so “dragging” it is not easy.

What to do if the nuance never comes naturally?

If the application of the blush is a worry because the color always appears too intense and unnatural the advice is to reverse the order of application of the products!

Generally the blush is applied at the end, that is, after applying the primer, foundation and concealer. On the other hand, a truly innovative and almost infallible technique consists inapply the blush before the foundation and quite abundantly.

At this point we can proceed to apply, spread and even out the foundation using first a brush or the fingertips (also in this case the fingertips are to be recommended) and then eliminate excess product with a beauty blender sponge, the absolute ally for our make-up from 30 years upwards.

So the foundation will act as a “chromatic filter” to the underlying blush, lightening any excess product and giving the make-up a more homogeneous and more pleasing overall appearance.

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